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Pagan Research, LLC was established in 2016 by an aspiring entrepreneur & researcher.

What makes Pagan's distinctive?

At Pagan's all data are being updated in each quarter! Pagan's consists of 10 lead researchers who has enormous amount of experience doing data/lead research. And their prowess wields in wide range of industry including Software,Healthcare,Big Data,AI,Cybersecurity etc.

Why Trust Pagan's Data?

All information on Pagan's platform are being sourced manually and are being verified therefore the Data has more accuracy than the other platforms around.

we to deliver for you

Data Synchronized By all sets of Categories

Pagan Research has all data synchronized. You can select them by your desired locations,industries,company sizes,funding infos,Contacts exact locations,desired titles and many more.

Search, Read, Download!

Our Platform is very user friendly and all you need is to hit the search button and select what you need. For premium users you can download data as well and the max amount of data can uploaded is 200 a day.

Direct Contacts Only

We store direct contacts and direct emails only. None has any generic emails such as info@,admin@,sales@,service@ etc. And needless to say we have over 95% of email data accuracy. Excluding the one has temporary domain issues for eg. receiving email server is temporarily unavailable, was overloaded, or you have exceeded the daily quota.

Ready to change the Business? So are we.