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According to the stats 70% of the sales revenue comes from email marketing. It is most cost effective and has a higher ROI than any other means of marketing. Leverage leads on our database and take the best out of it. FIND LEADS THAT FITS YOUR CRITERIA

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Pagan Research, LLC. established in 2016 by an aspiring entrepreneur & researcher!

What makes Pagan's distinctive?

At Pagan's all data are being updated in each quarter! Pagan's consists of 10 lead researchers who has enormous amount of experience doing data/lead research. And their prowess wields in wide range of industry including Software, Healthcare, Big Data, AI, Cybersecurity, Fintech, AR/VR etc. As well as different nations including North America, Europe & Asia.


What will you get?

Our core goal is to deliver news on recent technological advancement, fundings, acquisitions etc. Also our large database designed to help businesses find prospective leads with direct email with NO info@, sales@, support@ etc. And the data accuracy is way higher than any other platform available in the market.


Why Trust Pagan's Data?

All information on our platform are being verified by multiple resources and up-to-date, therefore the Data has a higher accuracy. We are here to stay & thrive and we want you to come back once you test our data.