TeraDeep solutions are high-performance computing solutions for real-time complex-data analytics. The company is focused on the development of artificial intelligence-based solutions that enable its users to obtain real-time data analytics.

Teradeep develops artificial intelligence appliances that are based on three technology solutions the company has developed: TERADEEP Accel, TERADEEP Catalyst Networks, and TERADEEP Server. It also develops neural networks.

Teradeep was founded in 2014 by Eugenio Culurciello and is based in Santa Clara, California.




  • Year founded: 2014
  • Funding Info: Unknown
  • Yearly Revenue: $1M-$5M (2017)
  • Employee Size: 11-50
  • Business Valuation: Unknown
  • City/Town: Santa Clara
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Employee:
  • Title:
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn:
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