Prevent Biometrics

Prevent Biometrics is a sports-tech startup that creates a concussion-monitoring mouthguard.

The Prevent system accurately measures head impacts in real-time, giving coaches and trainers the information they need to make sports safer.

Prevent Biometrics was founded in 2015 by Steve Washburn & Dan Brett and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Prevent’s goal is to make athletes safer by eliminating undetected concussions. We provide parents, coaches and trainers the technology needed to monitor athletes in real time on the field of play.

The Prevent head impact monitor system brings to market what others have struggled to deliver: accurate measurement, real-time communication and an integrated suite of hardware and software components to make head impact monitoring powerful and user friendly for all parties.


Prevent measures head impacts in real-time, giving coaches and athletic trainers the information they need to advance player safety.


Prevent Biometrics has acquired X2 Biosystems, an end-to-end concussion management platform for use in sports, military and civilian applications that removes the risk of undiagnosed cases, decreases the likelihood of catastrophic second impact injuries, modifies behavior to help minimize concussion risk, and reduces medical costs; on Oct 22, 2018.



  • Year founded: 2015
  • Funding Info: $4.1M in 2 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series B)- Prevent Biometrics has also acquired X2 Biosystems on Oct 22, 2018
  • Yearly Revenue: $5M-$10M (2018)
  • Employee Size: 11-50
  • Business Valuation: NA
  • City/Town: Minneapolis
  • State: Minnesota
  • Country: United States
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