Plexium is an emerging biotechnology company focused on the identification of E3 ligase modulating small molecules to treat cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Plexium is replacing the complex infrastructure around drug discovery with an ultra-high-throughput microfluidic platform while reducing assay complexity and supercharging chemical diversity.

Plexium was founded in 2018 by Kandaswamy (Swamy) Vijayan and is based in San Diego, California.

Plexium's mission is to reinvent the way medicines are discovered. The company is implementing novel technologies and clinical approaches that enable the rapid and scalable development of first-in-class therapeutics.

Plexium's screening platform, named DELPhe for DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) phenotypic (Phe) screening, utilizes droplet and microwell confinement to miniaturize cell-based assays that yield high content readouts at very low cost and very high throughput.

Plexium’s strategy employing the DELPhe platform is unlike other approaches to targeted protein degradation. While other strategies require a small molecule known to bind a protein target to be degraded.

Plexium is gathering a comprehensive catalog of chemical and biological interactions of E3 ligases and aims to lead this field by discovering and developing new therapeutics internally and with partners.


Plexium was launched with a $28M from a "Series A" financing on Oct 17, 2019. The round was led by DCVC Bio and The Column Group, with participation from M Ventures, CRV, and Neotribe Ventures.



  • Year founded: 2018
  • Funding Info: $28M over 1 Round (Funding Type: Series A)
  • Yearly Revenue: NA
  • Employee Size: 11-50
  • Business Valuation: NA
  • City/Town: San Diego
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
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