Nuweba is an ultra-fast and highly-secure serverless (FaaS) platform which enables organizations to reap the benefits of serverless, without compromising on security, efficiency or performance.

Nuweba rearchitected serverless from the kernel up to enable companies to use serverless for applications that require scalability, high performance, advanced application security and deep visibility in real-time.

Nuweba was founded in 2017 by Ido Neeman and Yan Cybulskiv. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Nuweba is bringing serverless technology to the forefront of cloud computing, producing a solution with enhanced speed and unmatched application security and visibility. Nuweba delivers high performance unleashing the full potential of serverless: 8-40ms invocation latency. No container reuse. Tens of thousands of concurrent executions.


Nuweba's fast and secure FaaS platform is compatible with leading serverless platforms, so you can start using Nuweba with only one click and without any changes to your code or configuration.


Nuweba is backed by Blumberg Capital, Target Global and Magma Partners. The company raised additional $5.4M in a Seed round on Jan 28, 2020. This brings the Nuweba's total seed funding to $10.2M to date.



  • Year founded: 2017
  • Funding Info: $10.2M over 2 Rounds (Latest Funding Type: Seed- Series Unknown)
  • Yearly Revenue: NA
  • Employee Size: 11-50
  • Business Valuation: NA
  • City/Town: Tel Aviv
  • State: Tel Aviv
  • Country: Israel
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