Kymeta is the developer of metamaterials-based electronic beamforming antenna for satellite communications. The company develops metamaterials based technology that steers antenna beams with no moving parts, resulting in flat, thin, light and highly adaptable antennas and communication terminals.

Kymeta is commercializing software-enabled metamaterials-based electronic beamforming antennas and terminals for satellite communications. 

Kymeta was founded in 2012 by Nathan Kundtz and is based in Redmond, Washington, United States.

Kymeta mTenna technology is built using a metamaterials toolset, which permits more elements and is a much more efficient way of creating a flat panel antenna. le “metamaterial” elements.

Kymeta's flat-panel satellite antenna, the first of its kind, and Kymeta™ Connect connectivity services provide revolutionary mobile connectivity on satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular networks to customers around the world. Its new mTenna™ suite of satellite antennas are ultra-thin and use a holographic approach to electronically acquire, steer and lock a beam to a satellite.


Kymeta has also created a next generation flat panel electronically steered antenna platform, the Kymeta u8. The Kymeta u8 antenna enables complete coverage of the Ku-band with highly reliable electronic beam steering and no moving parts. It is available as an antenna, as a terminal, or in flyaway configurations, and it can be paired with Kymeta’s new satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular connectivity solutions.


Kymeta also offers a variety of satellite or satellite-cellular airtime packages are available and provided in partnership with Intelsat and Cubic Telecom, among others. The company has worked with industry leaders including Toyota, Intelsat, Panasonic, Inmarsat, Airbus Defence & Space, Sharp, Intellian, O3b, and more.


Kymeta is backed by Bill Gates, Intelsat, In-Q-Tel, Liberty Global, Lux Capital, Osage University Partners and others. The company raised $85.2M in a new round on Aug 25, 2020. This brings Kymeta's total funding to $302.8M to date.



  • Year founded: 2012
  • Funding Info: $302.8M over 6 Rounds (Latest Funding Type: Series F)
  • Yearly Revenue: $30M-$70M (2019)
  • Employee Size: 51-200
  • Business Valuation: NA
  • City/Town: Redmond
  • State: Washington
  • Country: United States
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