Kreditech is a German online lender that offers loans to individuals based on their creditworthiness which is analyzed using their online data instead of using traditional credit rating information.

Kreditech uses technology to provide banking products (installment loans, microloans, credit cards, electronic wallets) to customers in emerging markets.

Kreditech was founded in 2012 by Sebastian Diemer and Alexander Graubner-Müller.  The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with additonal offices in Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain & India.

Kreditech's product offerings include consumer loans, a digital wallet and a personal finance manager designed to help customers manage their credit score and plan their spending.

Kreditech uses a self-learning algorithm which analyzes big data. It calculates an individual's credit score in seconds using up to 20,000 data points.  Kreditech uses location-based information (GPS), social networking information (likes, friends, locations and posts), hardware data (operating system, browser, etc.), online shopping behavior and general online behavior in order to determine a loan applicant’s creditworthiness.

Kreditech also offers a “credit as a service” model, allowing partners to integrate its credit products as payment method or funding source.

Kreditech's investors include Blumberg Capital. Point Nine Capital, Värde Partners, VC Runa Capital, & Victory Park Capital among others. The company raised €20M ($22M) from a latest venture round financing on Sep 25, 2019. This brings Kreditech's total funding to  $519.3M to date.



  • Year founded: 2012
  • Funding Info: $519.3M over 15 Rounds of Funding (Last Funding Type: Venture Series Unknown)- Kreditech has also acquired Kontomierz on Jan 14, 2015.
  • Yearly Revenue: $100M-$200M (2018)
  • Employee Size: 201-500
  • Business Valuation: NA
  • City/Town: Hamburg
  • State: Hamburg
  • Country: Germany
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