Aspect Biosystems

Aspect Biosystems is a privately held biotechnology company pioneering microfluidic 3D bioprinting of living, human tissue.

Aspect Biosystems combines the power of microfluidics and 3D bioprinting to create living, human tissues that will save lives and make people healthier.

Aspect Biosystems was founded in 2013 by Konrad Walus, Sam Wadsworth, Simon Beyer, and Tamer Mohamed. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Aspect’s proprietary tissue engineering technology “prints” human cells enmeshed with biological scaffolds to generate complex three-dimensional living tissue. The tech combines bioprinting technology with therapeutic cells, biomaterials and computational design.


Aspect’s bioprinted tissue therapeutics are designed to replace, repair, or supplement biological function inside the body with the aim of treating currently incurable diseases such as type 1 diabetes as well as genetic and acquired liver diseases.


Aspect inked a partnership worth potentially more than $2.6 billion with Danish biopharma giant Novo Nordisk to develop “bioprinted” tissue therapeutics. The deal comes with $75 million in up-front payments, research funding and a convertible note investment on Apr 12, 2023.


Aspect is backed by Novo Nordisk, Radical Ventures, Pangaea Ventures, Pallasite Ventures, Rhino Ventures, Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative, Pacific Economic Development Canada, and others. The company secured $75M in a new financing on Apr 12, 2023. This brings Aspect's total funding to $102.6M to date.



  • Year founded: 2013
  • Funding Info: $102.6M over 5 Rounds (Latest Funding Type: Convertible Debt)
  • Yearly Revenue: NA
  • Employee Size: 51-200
  • Business Valuation: NA
  • City/Town: Vancouver
  • State: British Columbia
  • Country: Canada
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