ABL Space Systems

ABL Space is a small launch vehicle developer, undertaking launch vehicle and launch systems technology development using CNC and 3D printing and minimized launch operations.

ABL Space designs, builds and operates a low-cost rocket used as a launch vehicle for small satellites called the RS1.

ABL Space Systems was founded in 2016 by Harry O'Hanley and Dan Piemont. The company is headquartered in El Segundo, California.


ABL developed a small launch vehicle called RS1, uses a simple metallic fairing to shield the payload from aerodynamic buffeting and heating during ascent. From day one, RS1 was designed for deployability. Each stage of the rocket is sized to fit in standard shipping containers.


ABL's launch vehicle RS1, is capable of placing up to 1,350 kilograms into low Earth orbit. It attempted its first launch Jan. 10 from Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska on Kodiak Island but the mission failed. The company has not yet announced when it make its next launch attempt.


ABL's Ground System (GSO) is a deployable ground system built to adapt to the industry’s changing needs. GS0 reconsiders what is necessary for orbital launch: a flat concrete pad, a small team, and a tight timeline.


ABL is backed by Fidelity Management & Research, T. Rowe Price Associates, U.S. Air Force, Lockheed Martin Ventures, Ethan Batraski at Venrock, and others. The company received $60M in a new financing on Mar 24, 2023. This brings ABL's total funding to $479M to date. ABL was valued at $2.4B in its $200M financing raised in Oct 2021.



  • Year founded: 2016
  • Funding Info: $479M over 4 Rounds (Latest Funding Type: Venture- Series Unknown)
  • Yearly Revenue: NA
  • Employee Size: 201-500
  • Business Valuation: Valued at $2.4B as of Oct 25, 2021
  • City/Town: El Segundo
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
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