GitLab is an open source tool used by developers to create and manage code bases collaboratively. Built on Git, which is a very popular and efficient distributed version control system.  It gives you all the tools needed for Git repository management from code reviews to issue tracking and more. 

GitLab's platform includes Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, wikis, and more, along with a continuous integration and deployment tool called “GitLab CI”.

GitLab was launched in 2014, software written by Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Valery Sizov. The company is operated from San Francisco, California.


GitLab is used by several large tech companies including IBM, Sony, Jülich Research Center, NASA, Alibaba, Invincea, O’Reilly Media, Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ), CERN, European XFEL, GNOME Foundation, Boeing, Autodata, and SpaceX.


GitLab is one of America's fastest-growing private companies, ranking as the 4th fastest-growing private software company (44th overall) on 2018's Inc. 5000 list with revenue growth of 6,213 percent over the past three years.



GitLab has acquired Gitorious, Gitter & Gemnasium to date. The company is backed by top-tier investors including Alphabet, Khosla Ventures, GV, Goldman Sachs among others.



  • Year founded: 2014
  • Funding Info: $145.5M in 6 funding rounds (Last Funding Type: Series D)- GitLab has also acquired Gitorious, Gitter & Gemnasium to date.
  • Yearly Revenue: $100-$150M (2018)
  • Employee Size: 201-500
  • Business Valuation: Valued $1.1B as of Sep 19, 2018
  • City/Town: San Francisco
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
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