SoundHound is a leading innovator of conversational intelligence, offers an independent voice AI platform that enables businesses across industries to deliver best-in-class conversational experiences to their customers.

SoundHound is building conversational AI products that make it easier for people to engage with the world.

SoundHound was founded in 2005 by Keyvan Mohajer. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has presence in mulitple countries worldwide.


SoundHound, built on proprietary Speech-to-Meaning® and Deep Meaning Understanding® technologies, its advanced voice AI platform provides exceptional speed and accuracy and enables humans to interact with products and services like they interact with each other—by speaking naturally.


SoundHound's products include Hound, a voice-enabled search engine that provides information, entertainment, and communication services; and SoundHound, a music search and discovery solution that identifies songs, plays music and lyrics, and allows users to share music and entertainment content.


SoundHound is trusted by companies around the globe, including Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Pandora, Qualcomm, Netflix, Snap, Square, LG, VIZIO, KIA, LG, HARMAN International, DPCA, DMI, and Stellantis.


SoundHound is backed by Tencent Holdings, Nvidia GPU Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Samsung, Global Catalyst Partners, Daimler AG, Hyundai Motors, Qatar First Bank, Midea Group, and others. The company raised $25M in a new round on Jan 24, 2023. This brings SoundHound's total funding to $351M to date. SoundHound went public via SPAC merger with Archimedes Tech on Apr 28, 2022. The deal valued the company at a $2.1B via SPAC. SoundHound was valued at $1B from a private financing raised in May 2018.



  • Year founded: 2005
  • Funding Info: $351M over 8 Rounds (Latest funding type: Post-IPO Equity)
  • Yearly Revenue: NA
  • Employee Size: 201-500
  • Business Valuation: Valued at $2.1B via SPAC as of Apr 28, 2022
  • City/Town: Santa Clara
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
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