Kronoverse is an independent game development company behind the popular CryptoFights 3D fighting game on blockchain.

Kronoverse funding are passionate gamers that love blockchain technology. They are ambitiously merging blockchain technology with gaming to benefit all gamers.

Kronoverse was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.

The Kronoverse platform was born from solving the problems of legacy gaming and esports.

Kronoverse uses blockchain technology to innovate the esports space by challenging the network layer of games and the future of how games are made. The Kronoverse platform is creating state of the art technology that ushers in a new world of competitive gaming.

Kronoverse's technology is pushing the limit on what can be done with blockchain technology and online gaming. Gaming can evolve in a new way by creating a new protocol for items to be created and games to become trustless.

Kronoverse has developed, CryptoFights, that utilizes the Kronoverse platform which replaces the games networking layer from traditional cloud servers to the BSV blockchain. This unlocks massive benefits for gaming by giving the eSports ecosystem a transparent and fair way to have game integrity.


Kronoverse is backed by Calvin Ayre and Nchain Group. The company raised $1M in a new round of funding on Sep 23, 2019.



  • Year founded: 2018
  • Funding Info: $1M over 2 Rounds (Latest Funding Type: Venture- Series Unknown)
  • Yearly Revenue: NA
  • Employee Size: 2-10
  • Business Valuation: NA
  • City/Town: Cary
  • State: North Carolina
  • Country: United States
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