DeepMind (Google DeepMind), a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., is an artificial intelligence company that develops learning algorithms that use data or raw experience to better themselves.

DeepMind aims to build advanced AI to expand our knowledge and find new answers.

DeepMind was founded in September 2010 by Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyma. The company is based in London, but has research centres in California and Canada.


DeepMind has created a neural network that learns how to play video games in a fashion similar to that of humans, as well as a Neural Turing machine, or a neural network that may be able to access an external memory like a conventional Turing machine, resulting in a computer that mimics the short-term memory of the human brain.

DeepMind uses its technologies for widespread public benefit and scientific discovery, and collaborate with others on critical challenges, ensuring safety and ethics are the highest priority. 

DeepMind's programs have learned to diagnose eye diseases as effectively as the world’s top doctors, to save 30% of the energy used to keep data centres cool, and to predict the complex 3D shapes of proteins - which could one day transform how drugs are invented.


DeepMind also created, which aims to “democratise” AI, to create a system that makes the world much smarter using an “agent-based” exchange system.


DeepMind is backed by major venture capital firms Horizons Ventures and Founders Fund, as well as entrepreneurs Scott Banister and Elon Musk. DeepMind was acquired by Google on Jan 26, 2014 for $500M.



  • Year founded: 2010
  • Funding Info: NA
  • Yearly Revenue: NA
  • Employee Size: 501-1,000
  • Business Valuation: DeepMind was acquired by Google on Jan 26, 2014 for $500M
  • City/Town: London
  • State: London
  • Country: United Kingdom
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