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Xunlei is a download manager that supports HTTP, FTP, eDonkey, and BitTorrent protocols. It enables users to access a large portion of the files available on the Internet.

Xunlei’s features include a built-in browser, changeable skins, cloud storage, offline downloading, hi-speed downloading, email services, and more. Developed by Thunder Networking Technologies, it was the most commonly used BitTorrent client in the world in 2010.

Xunlei was founded in 2003. The subsidiary of Xunlei Limited, Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technologies, Co., Ltd. (Chinese:) was formerly known as Sandai Technologies (Shenzhen) Inc. and changed its name to Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technologies, Co., Ltd. in May 2005. In April 2014, Xunlei received an investment from a Chinese electronics company Xiaomi of $200 million. On 24 June 2014, it went public on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, raising just shy of $88 million.

Xunlei in the News:

Xunlei Limited Stock Jumps Nearly 20%

Employee: Shenglong Zou
Title: Founder and CEO
Email address: