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Upskill (APX Labs)

Upskill (formerly APX Labs) is the industry’s most trusted leader in wearable technology for the global enterprise. It gives enterprises access to industrial augmented reality software that increases productivity, output, efficiency and more. All in one solution.

Upskill's robust platform, Skylight, connects the industrial workforce with the people, processes, information and equipment they need to do their jobs with greater efficiency and fewer errors, leaving them hands free to focus on their tasks at hand, and their tools.

Upskill (APX Labs) was founded in 2010 & is based in Herndon, Virginia, United States.


Upskill (APX Labs) has raised a total of $45.8M in 4 funding rounds. The company received their last funding on Mar 6, 2018, where they secured $17.2M from 5 investors in a "Corporate Round" funding.

Upskill has also acquired Pristine on May 9, 2017.

Employee: Brian Ballard
Title: Founder & CEO
Email address: brian@apx-labs.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/baballard/
Employee: Jay Kim
Title: Chief Strategy Officer
Email address: jay@apx-labs.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wonjae/
Employee: Jeremy Kirsch
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Email address: jeremy.kirsch@upskill.io
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremy-kirsch-73b15a/