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TIO Networks

TIO Networks is a telecom, wireless, cable and utility network operator in North America that also offers bill payment services.

TIO Networks serves the largest telecom, wireless, cable and utility network operators in North America. With more than 60,000 physical location endpoints in our bill payment processing network, TIO symbolizes fast, convenient and secure access to high quality bill payment services.


The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada & founded by Hamed Shahbazi in 1997.


TIO Networks raised $1,005,975 (Venture Round) from Core Innovation Capital in Sep 23, 2015.

TIO Networks was acquired by PayPal for $238,000,000 in Feb 14, 2017.


Employee: Hamed Shahbazi
Title: Founder & CEO
Email address: hamed@tionetworks.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hamedshahbazi