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Qudian is an electronics retailer from China that lets buyers pay in monthly installments.

Founded by Min Luo in 2014, Qudian lends to consumers in China who can’t get credit from traditional financial institutions. The amounts borrowed are relatively small: Cash loans averaged the equivalent of $136 in the six months through June, while merchandise credit averaged $184. The loans had a weighted average term of about two months and eight months, respectively. The company went public (nyse:QD) on Oct 18, 2017


Qudian raised a Total amount of $873.57 in 6 Rounds. Their investor includes Ant Financial, Kunlun, Source Code Capital etc. After the company went public on Oct 18, 2017 they raised $900M at IPO


Qudian Market Value: $7.9B( As of Oct 18, 2017).

Employee: Min Luo Title: CEO
Email address: min.luo@qudian.com
Employee: Xiao Guo Title: HR
Email address: xiao.guo@qudian.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/xiao-guo-831999126/