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Kichink! is an ecommerce solution that is designed and built to be as simple, intelligent, personal and safe as possible to allow anyone to start selling in minutes, without upfront investment.

The company is based in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico & founded by Claudia De Heredia, Claudio del Conde Morales, Jennifer Marquard, Paul Marquard in 2012.


Employee: Darío Okrent Title: CEO
Email address: dario.okrent@kichink.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dokrent/
Employee: Joel Alvarez Mexia Title: Senior Web Developer
Email address: joel.mexia@kichink.com
LinkedIn: https://mx.linkedin.com/pub/joel-alvarez-mexia/37/364/921
Employee: Cecilia Díaz Title: Special Project Manager
Email address: cecilia.diaz@kichink.com
LinkedIn: https://mx.linkedin.com/pub/cecilia-d%C3%ADaz/32/ba4/a05
Employee: Jennifer Marquard Title: Co Founder
Email address: jennifer.marquard@kichink.com
LinkedIn: https://mx.linkedin.com/pub/jennifer-marquard/30/8b3/b92