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Folio Investing

Folio Investing is the brokerage designed specifically to help you maximize returns by providing you with the ability to create customized, well-diversified portfolios and manage them at a low cost.

Folio develops next generation on-line trading platform for both passive and active stock traders.

Folio was founded in Dec 10, 2015 & is based in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

It’s the one place where you can create an unlimited number of diversified investment portfolios, called folios, to combine the benefits of direct stock ownership with one-click control over your portfolio strategy. You can customize each folio with up to 100 stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds or choose from over 160 free, pre‐made Ready-to‐Go folios that you can use as-is or customize.

Folio has raised a total of ¥9.1B (Approx. $84.5M) in 3 funding rounds. The company received their last funding on Jan 18, 2018, where they cashed ¥7B (Approx. $65M) from 7 investors in a "Series A" funding.

Employee: Shinichiro Kai
Title: Founder & CEO
Email address: skai@folio-sec.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shinichiro-kai-b074a911b/
Employee: Hiroshi Ito
Title: Head Of Engineering
Email address: hito@folio-sec.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hiroshi-ito-ab4b6219/