These Are The Coolest Startups In Norway!

20 Cool Startups In Norway That You Ought To Know!


Norway's startup scene has emerged since late 2010. It's capital Oslo, is becoming one of the top startup hub in Nordic region. The city has experienced a 160% uptick in startup investments in the past year, according to Oslo's 2017 State of the City report, which is the second biggest jump in the Nordic region behind Sweden, up 171%.

Norway's startups ecosystem has been maturing, driven by young, diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial. The country has incubated some cool startups, backed by the top investors. In 2018 many of their startups has already secured a funding from investors like Intel Capital, Northzone, Target Partners, FJ Labs & others.


Here Are The 20 Coolest Startups In The Norway:


1. Kahoot!:


A game-based platform that makes learning awesome for millions of people all over the world. Sign up to create and play fun quiz games! Kahoot! is one of the world’s fastest growing learning brands that is used by millions each day in over 180 countries. It makes it easy to create, play and share fun learning games in minutes – for any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages. From tiny kindergartens to towering corporate powerhouses and beyond!

Year Founded: 2012
Specialties: B2B, EdTech, Education, Gaming, Internet, Mobile, Software

Total Funding: $43.5M in 4 funding rounds
Last Funding: On Mar 15, 2018, a "Series B" type funding
Lead Investors: Northzone, Creandum & Date Invest AS


2. Aprila:


A highly automated niche bank focusing on intuitive on-the-spot financing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises through employing modern technology, data-driven credit risk management and an innovative distribution model. Aprila 's products and services integrate the customer's accounting system for tailoring with real-time credit scoring. It's ambition is to remove financial stumbling blocks that prevent healthy businesses from succeeding.

Year Founded: 2016
Specialties: Fintech, Banking, Financial Services, Information Technology

Total Funding: NOK170M ($21.9M) in a single round funding
Last Funding: On Jan 3, 2018, a "Venture- Series Unknown" type funding.
Lead Investors: FJ Labs & Alliance Venture


3. Huddly:


An intelligent camera platform that creates amazing collaborative capabilities for all users. Huddly develops an intelligent software-upgradable platform that powers the world’s smallest and most powerful video collaboration camera - Huddly GO, the first product in the Huddly hardware portfolio.

Year Founded: 2014
Specialties: Video conferencing, Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Camera image processing, Collaboration tools, Teamwork, Team communication and Smart camera

Total Funding: $31.1M in 5 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: Dec 12, 2017, a "Series C" funding
Investors: Mertoun Capital, Graham Williams & others not disclosed


4. Fuse:


A software that makes apps development faster, easier and more fun for both designers and developers. Fuse is a cutting-­edge UX tool suite that closes the gap between prototyping and actual development. It was founded by mobile graphics veterans who wanted to fix app and user experience creation for both designers and developers.

Year Founded: 2011
Specialties: Apps, Developer APIs, Developer Platform, Software

Total Funding: $18.3M in 4 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: Jan 24, 2017, a "Series A" type funding
Lead Investors: Northzone & Alliance Venture


5. Documaster:


An information governance and archiving platform that enables organisations to compliantly capture, process, preserve and instantly access their most valuable data from one single application. Documaster is fully compliant with Norwegian and European record keeping regulations. It is, in fact, the only business process-agnostic Noark 5 solution on the market.

Year Founded: 2014
Specialties: Enterprise information archiving and search, Noark 5, Records Management made simple, and Information Governance

Total Funding: $14.2M in 3 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On May 23, 2017, a "Venture" round funding
Lead Investor: Summa Digital


6. No Isolation:


A maker of robots (AV1) for children and young people with Long-Term-Conditions. No Isolation company tackles loneliness and involuntary social isolation by developing communication tools that can help those affected. The first tool created was AV1, a robot designed to allow children and young adults with long-term illnesses to participate in their everyday lives.

Year Founded: 2015
Specialties: Information Technology, Robotics, MedTech, Hardware, Software, Electronics, Engineering, User Experience, Health, and EdTech

Total Funding: $4.9M in 3 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Dec 1, 2017, a "Convertible Note" funding
Investors: Unknown


7. Boost AI:


A software company that specializes in artificial intelligence. Boost AI provides solutions to Scandinavian banking, finance, retail, transportation, government and insurance - solutions that makes headlines while Boost AI grows at a record rate.

Year Founded: 2016
Specialties: machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, virtual assistant, chatbot, deep learning, natural language processing, advanced neural networks, big data, virtual agent, and utility bot

Total Funding: NOK40M ($5.2M) in 1 funding round, to date
Last Funding: on Feb 10, 2018, a "Venture" round funding
Lead Investor: Alliance Venture


8. Otovo:


An energy company that offers solar panels and installation services for commercial and residential properties. Otovo provides analytics about energy consumption of their customers. The company enables their customers to obtain its services by direct payment or paying a subscription each month.

Year Founded: 2016
Specialties: Solar, Finance, Solar PV, User experience, Subscriptions, Crowdfunding, Construction, power sales, utility, ecommerce, microgrid, and virtual microgrid

Total Funding: $9.8M in 3 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Jul 11, 2017, a "Venture" funding round
Lead Investors: Agder Energi Venture, OBOS & Akershus Energi


9. Iris AI:


An Artificial Intelligence tool which helps researchers in industry and academia to find the scientific knowledge they need. semi-automates the often tedious process of finding relevant scientific literature. It is the perfect AI assistant for cross-disciplinary early stage research projects.

Year Founded: 2015
Specialties: research, navigation, R&D Automation, R&D, and Systematic Mapping Studies

Total Funding: $2.4M in 3 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Dec 1, 2017, a "Seed" funding type
Investors: Founders Factory, Bakken & Baeck, Nordic Impact Etc.


10. Disruptive Technologies:


A measurement and data delivery company that develops wireless sensors communicating with the Internet and the sensors have unique characteristics in terms of size, range and battery capacity. Disruptive Technologies is a collective of innovators fuelled by the power of a unique series of ideas.

Year Founded: 2013
Specialties: Information Technology, Internet of Things, Robotics, Semiconductor

Total Funding: $10.8M in 3 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Dec 20, 2017, a "Private Equity" round funding
Lead Investors: Innovation Norway & Ubon Partners
Investment: Made $8M in investments to Anodot on Sep 22, 2016


11. The Future Group:


The Future Group is a leading Interactive Mixed Reality™ (IMR) technology company providing tools for broadcast, industrial and entertainment applications to complement both virtual and augmented reality applications. It's first IMR broadcast production is, "Lost in Time"​, which has been produced in partnership with FremantleMedia.

Year Founded: 2013
Specialties: Entertainment, Entertainment Technology, TV Production , Virtual Reality , Interactive Mixed Reality, Virtual Sets, Broadcast Technology, and Augmented Reality

Total Funding: $28.5M in 2 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Nov 3, 2016, a "Series C" round funding
Lead Investor: Ferd Capital


12. Swarm64:


A provider of the scalable data accelerator (SDA), which enables relational databases to perform real-time big data analytics. Swarm64 is the database software developers and parallel processor experts teamed up with the vision to accelerate relational databases to unprecedented levels of performance.

Year Founded: 2013
Specialties: Hardware design, Big Data acceleration, Database acceleration, and High performance software optimizations

Total Funding: $21.2M in 3 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Jan 4, 2018, a "Series B" funding
Lead Investors: Intel Capital, Target Partners, Investinor, Alliance Venture & SPRINGfondet


13. Zwipe:


A biometric tech company that is focused on developing and commercializing secure, fast and easy to use biometric authentication solutions in three key areas, payments, access control and ID. Zwipe’s versatile technology works with customers’ existing infrastructure and systems without the need for external databases, functioning with and without the need for batteries.

Year Founded: 2009
Specialties: Authentication, Fraud reduction, Identity theft prevention, and Access Control

Total Funding: $18.3M in 4 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Jan 17, 2018, a "Seed" round funding
Lead Investor: Photon Future


14. Greenbird:


Greenbird empowers utilities by delivering Metercloud to manage the data flow faster and smoother than traditional system integration models. With prebuilt Metercloud integration applications and connectors, software solutions can be connected and updated in a few days instead of months of custom coding. Reduce cost and risk for the digital transformation.

Year Founded: 2010
Specialties: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Integration, Internet of Things, SaaS, Software

Total Funding: €4.6M in 2 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Nov 8, 2016, a "Venture" round funding
Lead Investors: Statkraft Ventures




A platform to connect brands and influencers. is on a mission to humanize advertising through user-generated content marketing. With the rise of ad blockers, brands are looking for a better way to connect with their audience. Powered by data-driven tools, the platform matches brands with social media influencers to create genuine collaborations and inspiring stories worldwide.

Year Founded: 2017
Specialties: Content Marketing, Branding, Blog, Social Media, Marketing, and Marketing Campaigns

Total Funding: $1.1M in 2 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Apr 21, 2017, a "Seed" funding round
Lead Investor: SNÖ Venturess


16. Trybe:


Trybe is a global consumer research technology company making high quality research accessible to every brand around the world. It empowers small and large enterprise companies worldwide, and their marketers, to gain in-depth insights to better understand their products and the attitudes and behavior patterns of their customers.

Year Founded: 2015
Specialties: Analytics, Big Data, Consumer Goods, Consumer Research, Market Research

Total Funding: $2.7M in 2 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Jan 1, 2017, a "Venture" round funding
Investors: Unknown


17. Neonomics:


BankBridge is gearing up to pave the way for a new banking ecosystem in the post PSD2 and Open Banking era. It's major ambition is to become the reference platform for distribution and consumption of API banking and FinTech API provision.

Year Founded: 2017
Specialties: Banking API, PSD2, Fintech, and Open banking

Total Funding: NOK17.8M ($2.3M) in 1 funding round, to date
Last Funding: On Feb 23, 2018, a "Venture" round funding
Investors: Newmark Capital & Gunnar Rydning




Kolonial is Norway's largest online grocery store and offers groceries and dinner dishes for private individuals and businesses. Their focus on innovative and inspiring usability and streamlined logistics, offering both pick-up and delivery. Their selection is full and growing, and our prices are fair.

Year Founded: 2013
Specialties: Online grocery, Tech startup, Logistics, and Consumer technology

Total Funding: NOK300M ($38.6M) in 3 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Jun 15, 2017, a "Venture" round funding
Investors: Verdane Capital Advisors & RASMUSSENGRUPPEN


19. Xeneta:


Xeneta is the leading ocean freight price benchmarking and market intelligence platform transforming the shipping and logistics industry. It's turnkey software platform holds 12+MN spot and long-term contracted rates for 60+K trade lanes. Stay on top of the shipping price market movements and make sure your rates are competitive.

Year Founded: 2012
Specialties: Analytics, Enterprise Software, Logistics, SaaS, Shipping

Total Funding: $20.5M in 4 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Feb 9, 2017, a "Series B" funding
Lead Investors: Creandum, Smedvig Capital & Alliance Venture


20. Timely:


Timely is an app that hopes to make time management easier by thinking about how much time is spent on work in total. It focuses on when you worked on a specific task or project, Timely starts with a more high-level view of the work week. You estimate how long you’ll take to work on a project on an upcoming day and use that to decide how much more work to take on or meetings to have.

Year Founded: 2013
Specialties: Apps, Mobile, Software

Total Funding: $1.1M in 2 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On May 11, 2016, a "Seed" funding
Lead Investors: 500 Startups