These Are The 25 Best Startups in Metro Detroit, MI!

: July 03, 2019

The 25 Best Startups Based in Metro Detroit, Michigan; That You Should Know!



Detroit Metropolitan Area, a home to the "Big Three" auto manufacturers General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. The city has a great talent network spanning universities, Fortune 500 companies, and business titans. Google got its seed funding as research out of the University of Michigan. 


Detroit has a great talent network spanning universities, Fortune 500 companies, and business titans. Google got its seed funding as research out of the University of Michigan. The cost of living and doing business in Detroit is much lower than in coastal hubs like San Francisco and New York. That makes the city an attractive place to start a businees. 


Detroit has produced a great number of startups that are leading in the global stage and some of it's startup were being acquired by tech giants. Truven Health Analytics, a provider of healthcare data & analytics services based in the metro area, who were being acquired by IBM for a giggantic $2.6B on Feb 18, 2016. Detroit Metro has also incubated Duo Security, a cloud security company based in Ann Arbor, which was acquired by Cisco for $2.4B on Aug 2, 2018. It's other acquired startups include Ambassador, CrowdRise, Truck Hero, Esperion, Arbortext etc.


Here Is A List Of The Best 25 Startups Based in Metro Detroit:



1. Rivian: 

An automaker and automotive technology company that develops vehicles, products and services related to sustainable transportation. Rivian vehicles and technology are designed and engineered to challenge what’s possible and to inspire people to explore the world in new ways.

Year Founded: 2009

Location: Plymouth, Michigan 


Specialities: Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Transportation, Technology, Hardware, Lidar Sensors, GPS, Digital Experience

Total Funding: $1.4B in 5 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Corporate Round)

Investors: Ford Motor Company, Standard Chartered Bank, Amazon, & Sumitomo Corporation of America

Valuation: Rivian was valued at $5B on Apr 24, 2019


2. StockX: 

StockX is an online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, streetwear, watches, and designer handbags. It is the safest and fastest way to buy and sell authentic sneakers, streetwear, watches, and handbags. The company operates a live bid/ask marketplace (stock market) for buying and selling limited edition and high demand sneakers.

Year Founded: 2015

Location: Detroit, Michigan


Specialities: E-Commerce, Internet, Marketplace, Fashion, Retail

Total Funding: $160M in 4 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series C)

Investors: Battery Ventures, DST Global, General Atlantic, GV, GGV Capital, Marc Benioff, Detroit Venture Partners etc.

Valuation: StockX was valued at a $1B, as of Jun 26, 2019


3. Clinc:

A conversational AI platform that enables enterprises to build "human-in-the-room" level, next-gen, virtual assistants. Clinc redefines the conversational AI experience across industries with the only AI capable of delivering conversations superior to offerings from big players.

Year Founded: 2015

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: AI, Chatbots, Financial Services, FinTech, SaaS, NLP, Dashboards, Data Analytics

Total Funding: $59.8M in 4 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series B)

Investors: Insight Partners, DFJ Growth, Drive Capital, Hyde Park Venture Partners etc.


4. May Mobility:

May Mobility is a self-driving shuttle provider that develops autonomous vehicles from the chassis up with a focus on system level safety design. The company builds and operates fleets of driverless cars in structured environments like central business districts, corporate campuses and dense residential developments.

Year Founded: 2017

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Transportation, Travel, Robotics 

Total Funding: $33.6M in 3 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series A)

Investors: BMW i Ventures, Maven Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures, Y Combinator, Millennium New Horizons etc.


5. Groundspeed Analytics:

A data analytics company that allows insurance brokers, carriers and MGAs to realize the advantage of their unstructured data. Groundspeed Analytics accelerates commercial insurance performance with the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Year Founded: 2016

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: Insurance, Automation, Analytics, Commercial Insurance, InsurTech, AI, ML

Total Funding: $32M in 2 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series B)

Investors: Oak HC/FT, ManchesterStory Group, Service Provider Capital, Michigan Angel Fund and Tappan Hill Ventures


6. Guardhat:

Guardhat is a leading Internet of Things (IoT) industrial safety technology developer specialized in developing wearables, infrastructure and software platforms to provide a safer and more productive work environment. The company combines intelligent proprietary software with modern wearable technology to offer an all-encompassing safety system that actively monitors a user's safety, health and work environment.

Year Founded: 2014

Location: Detroit, Michigan


Specialities: IoT, Analytics, Industrial Automation, Wearables, SaaS, Workplace Safety, Consumer Products, Manufacturing

Total Funding: $41.9M in 3 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series A)

Investors: RTP Ventures, 3M Ventures, Caterpillar Venture Capital, Revolution's Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Detroit Venture Partners (DVP)


7. Fifth Eye:

A medical device software company building clinical early warning systems for hospitals. It is a spun out of University of Michigan. Fifth Eye enables proactive patient care to improve outcomes, avoid adverse events, shorten lengths of stay, and reduce costs.

Year Founded: 2017

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: Health Care, Wellness, Health Tech, Predictive Analytics, Big Data

Total Funding: $13.9M in 2 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series A)

Investors: Invest Michigan, Cultivation Capital, Arboretum Ventures, Biosciences Research and Commercialization Center (BRCC), & MINTS


8. FarmLogs:

FarmLogs is a farm management software that is designed to simplify farming. It provides a data analytics and record-keeping tool for farmers. The company is powering the decision-making across one third of America's farms, by leveraging data and sophisticated algorithms.

Year Founded: 2011

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: Agriculture, Farming, AgTech, Big Data, Internet, Software

Total Funding: $37M in 5 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series C)

Investors: Naspers, Detroit Venture Partners, Y Combinator, SV Angel etc.


9. SkySpecs:

SkySpecs is an award-winning provider of robotics solutions for the wind energy industry. The company develops unmanned aerial vehicles for general purpose aerial data collection and infrastructure inspections. SkySpecs automates the inspection, diagnostics, and maintenance of utility scale wind turbines with custom autonomous drones.

Year Founded: 2012

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: Aerospace, Analytics, Drones, Robotics, Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, AI, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy

Total Funding: $11.5M in 3 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series B)

Investors: UL Ventures, Statkraft Ventures, Techstars, Venture Investors etc.


10. Autobooks: 

A financial technology company that provides online invoicing, payment and accounting software for the business customers of banks and credit unions. Autobooks is the fully integrated payments & accounting platform for business, delivered through online banking.

Year Founded: 2015

Location: Troy, Michigan


Specialities: FinTech, Payments, Financial Services, Banking, Accounting, SaaS, Invoicing, Automation

Total Funding: $17.5M in 3 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series A)

Investors: Draper Triangle, Baird Capital, Detroit Venture Partners, CU Solutions Group and InvestMichigan


11. Tome: 

A software company that develops connectivity products to keep people and mobiles active, and more. Tome operates in the Internet of Things tech space, specializing in the development of mobility IoT software solutions.

Year Founded: 2014

Location: Royal Oak, Michigan


Specialities: IoT, Connectivity, Software, Hardware Modules, Mobility, Networking, AI

Total Funding: $25M in 2 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Convertible Note)

Investors: StartUp Health and Invest Detroit


12. Strata Oncology: 

Strata Oncology is a precision medicine company dedicated to transforming cancer care by systematizing precision oncology across a network of health systems and pharma companies. The company is delivering a new way forward for precision oncology that is highly-scaled, systematic and data-driven. Their approach empowers health systems and catalyzes pharma trials so that more patients benefit and new medicines are available sooner.

Year Founded: 2016

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Medical Device, Precision Oncology, Sequencing

Total Funding: $38M in 2 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series B)

Investors: Pfizer Venture Investments, Arboretum Ventures, Baird Capital, eLab Ventures etc.


13. LevelEleven: 

LevelEleven is a performance management system for sales and other teams that reinforces behaviors that lead to results. The company closes the gap between what sales leadership expects, and what salespeople actually do.

Year Founded: 2012

Location: Detroit, Michigan


Specialities: CRM, Performance Management, SaaS, Sales Automation, KPI, Gamification

Total Funding: $9.5M in 6 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Venture- Series Unknown)

Investors: The Ascent Group, Detroit Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, First Step Fund etc.


14. Swift Biosciences: 

A biotechnology company that specializes in sample preparation for next-generation sequencing (NGS). Swift Biosciences develops enabling technologies for genomics, translational, and clinical research applications. The company is focused on creating better tools to empower NGS technologies and deliver superior science.

Year Founded: 2014

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: BioTech, Bioscience, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing 

Total Funding: $31.2M in 7 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Venture- Series Unknown)

Investors: Arboretum Ventures, Fletcher Spaght, Inc., Draper Associates, Mercury Fund, Michigan Accelerator Fund I and Renaissance Venture Capital Fund


15. Banza: 

A food manufacturer that focuses on producing pasta products. Banza makes the foods people love better by using more nutritious ingredients. It's first product, a delicious pasta made from chickpeas, is the fastest growing pasta brand in the country. By making the foods people love with more nutritious ingredients, they are changing the way people eat for the better.

Year Founded: 2014

Location: Detroit, Michigan


Specialities: Food, Beverage, Food Processing, Organic Food, Nutrition

Total Funding: $8M in 3 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series A)

Investors: Beechwood Capital, Chobani Food Incubator, Rosecliff Ventures, Strand Equity Partners etc.


16. Genomenon:

Genomenon is a DNA interpretation software company that develops software tools to rapidly and autonomously prioritize data points for decision-making. Genomenon connects patient’s DNA with the billions of dollars of genomic research to help doctors diagnose & cure cancer patients and babies with rare diseases, and researchers understand diseases at a molecular level.

Year Founded: 2014

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: Genetics, Medical, Bioinformatics, Developer Tools, Enterprise Software

Total Funding: $5.8M in 5 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Seed- Series Unknown)

Investors: National Institutes of Health, Michigan Angel Fund, Invest Detroit, InvestMichigan etc.


17. HistoSonics: 

HistoSonics is a developer of a non-invasive robotics platform and novel beam therapy for non-thermal surgery that reduces patient trauma and healthcare costs across multiple indications. Its platform destroys solid tumors, soft tissue, clots, and plaque at the cellular level. It delivers personalized, tissue-specific treatments with unparalleled precision and control, and without the undesirable side effects of many of today's interventional and surgical modalities.

Year Founded: 2009

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: BioTech, Health Care, Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Robotics, MedTech

Total Funding: $86.1M in 7 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series C)

Investors: Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Varian Medical Systems, Venture Investors, Lumira Ventures etc.


18. Bloomscape: 

Bloomscape is a beautifully curated shop of plants and an expert plant care community today opened its online doors. Bloomscape believes plants make life better, and is out to make buying plants easier by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants to your door and setting you up for success by giving you all the tips and tricks you need to help your plants thrive.

Year Founded: 2017

Location: Detroit, Michigan


Specialities: Plants, Health Care, Home, Garden, Consumer Goods

Total Funding: $1.7M in 2 Funding Rounds (Seed- Series Unknown)

Investors: Detroit Ventures, Ludlow Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners, Invest Michigan etc.


19. LLamasoft: 

A software and services company that develops and markets technology to model and optimize supply chain networks. Llamasoft puts the power of advanced analytics into the hands of business leaders to support real-world supply chain decisions about how their supply chains should be working to achieve profitability, service, and growth goals.

Year Founded: 2003

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialitiies: Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Predictive Analytics, SaaS, Visualization

Total Funding: $56.1M in 3 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Private Equity)

Investors: TPG, Goldman Sachs, Augment Ventures and MK Capital


20. ASX: 

ASX is an air-mobility company that designs, builds and operates on-demand air mobility systems that connect cities, suburbs, and airports for the cost of an UberX Ride. It leverages recent advances in electric propulsion, automation, and lightweight materials to create MOBi, an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft that enables fast, clean, and reliable air transportation.

Year Founded: 2017

Location: Detroit, Michigan


Specialities: Aviation, Drones, Robotics, VTOL, Automotive


21. Voxel51: 

A video analytics platform that is focused on cutting edge problems in computer vision and machine learning with applications (so far) in public safety and automotive sensing. Voxel51 enables organizations to make decisions based on insights gained from processing vast sets of video and image data at scale, using our extensible and easy to use Platform.

Year Founded: 2016

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: AI, ML, Computer Vision, Advanced Analytics, Video Analytics, SaaS, Senses Intelligence

Total Funding: $2M in 1 Funding Round (Funding Type: Seed- Series Unknown)

Investors: eLab Ventures


22. Lycera: 

A biopharmaceutical company that seeks to uncover new small molecule therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer. Lycera develops small molecule immunomodulatory medicines for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Year Founded: 2006

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: Biopharma, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals

Total Funding: $74.9M in 5 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Series B)

Investors: EDF Ventures, InterWest Partners, ARCH Venture Partners, Clarus Ventures etc.


23. Benzinga:

Benzinga is a dynamic and innovative financial media outlet that empowers investors with high-quality, unique content that is coveted by Wall Street's top traders. The company helps millions of people improve their trading and investing results each month by providing superior market information, data and tools.

Year Founded: 2010

Location: Detroit, Michigan


Specialities: Media, FinTech, Finance, News, Trading Insights, Investments

Total Funding: $4.5M in 2 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Venture- Series Unknown)

Investors: WorldQuant Ventures LLC & Lightbank


24. Ecovia Renewables:

A biotechnology company that develops and commercializes high-performing biobased ingredients and materials from sustainable processes at the best value for our customers. Ecovia offers a suite of Ecovia™ Biopolymers are created from a proprietary fermentation process. They are affordable, biobased, biodegradable, and functional alternatives to conventional acrylate and acrylamide polymers and starch-based biopolymers.

Year Founded: 2014

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: BioTech, Biochemicals, Cosmetics, Biofuel, Synthetic Biology, Food Ingredients, Advanced Materials, Agriculture

Total Funding: $3.6M in 3 Funding Rounds (Last Funding Type: Grant)

Investors: University of Michigan, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, US Department of Energy, and Seppic


25. Censys:

A platform that helps information security practitioners discover, monitor, and analyze devices that are accessible from the Internet. Censys collects Internet data about every host online and enriches that data with the security information you need, providing you with the level of insight you need to secure your company.

Year Founded: 2017

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Specialities: Cybersecurity, Internet, Search Engine, Data Security, Data Mapping

Total Funding: $2.6M in 1 Funding Round (Funding Type: Seed- Series Unknown)

Investors: Greylock Partners, GV, HD Moore and Mango Capital