These 17 Startups in The Bay Area Became New Unicorn in 2019!!

: August 28, 2019

These Are The 17 Startups in The Bay Area That Became Unicorn in 2019!



1. Confluent:


A provider of a leading streaming platform that enables enterprises to maximize the value of data. Confluent offers a streaming platform based on Apache Kafka that enables companies to easily access data as real-time streams.

Confluent, with a $2.5B post money valuation, reached to unicorn status during it's "Series D" financing of a $125M on Jun 23 2019.



2. Databricks:


Founded by the creators of Apache Spark, that aims to help clients with cloud-based big data processing using Spark. Databricks develops a web-based platform for working with Spark, that provides automated cluster management and IPython-style notebooks. In addition to building the Databricks platform, the company is co-organizing massive open online courses about Spark and runs the largest conference about Spark - Spark Summit.

Databrick reached to a unicorn, during its $250M financing of a "Series E" round on Feb 5, 2019. The round gives the company a $2.75B valuation.



3. Calm: 


A software company that produces meditation products, including guided meditations and Sleep Stories. It is best known as a meditation, sleep and mental wellness app, available in both the App Store and Google Play store. Calm provides applications with hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users to relax their minds.

Calm hits $1B, during it's "Series B" round of a $88M in funding on Feb 6, 2019.



4. Aurora:


Aurora is a self-driving vehicle company that works at the intersection of rigorous engineering and applied machine learning to address one of the most challenging, important, and interesting opportunities of our generation: transforming the way people and goods move.

Aurora gets a $2B valuation, when they raised its "Series B" round of $530M in funding on Feb 7, 2019. It took less than 3 years to join the unicorn club, which makes them one of the fasstest company ever to become a unicorn.



5. Nuro:


A robotics company that develops and manufactures autonomous delivery vehicles. Nuro focuses on developing a self-driving stack and combining it with a custom unmanned vehicle designed for last-mile delivery of local goods and services. The vehicle has two compartments that can fit up to six grocery bags each.

Nuro raised $940M in its "Series E" round of financing on Feb 11, 2019. The deal gives them a staggering $2.7B valuation, Nuro is also one of the fastest company ever to become a unicorn.



6. Flexport:


Flexport is a full-service global freight forwarder and logistics platform using modern software to fix the user experience in global trade. Its platform arranges goods to be transported and subsequently tracks the inventory in real-time in order to optimize transportation routes and inventory management.

Flexport hits $3.2B valuation, during its latest $1B financing on Feb 21, 2019.



7. Cloudflare:


A provider of content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security and distributed domain name server services, sitting between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites. 

Cloudflare was valued at $3.2B during it's latest $150M financing on Mar 11, 2019.



8. Segment: 


Segment (formerly known as ' is an analytics integration that allows you to track your data once and send it to any tool you wish to use. It provides the customer data infrastructure that helps businesses put their customers first.

Segment, with $1B+ becomes a new unicorn in the Bay Area on Apr 1, 2019, when the company snugged $175M in its "Series D" financing round.



9. Zipline: 


A provider of drone-delivery services for the healthcare industry. Zipline designs, manufactures, and operates small robot aircraft to deliver essential medical products with a high level of safety, using many of the same approaches as commercial airliners such as feeding location data to the country's main air traffic control system.

Zipline hits $1.2B valuation, during its "Series C" round of a $190M in funding on Apr 8, 2019.



10. Sila Nanotechnologies:


An engineered materials company focused on dramatically improving energy storage. Sila Nanotechnologies has developed a silicon-based anode to replace graphite in lithium-ion batteries. The company claims that its materials can improve the energy density of batteries by 20 percent.

Sila Nanotechnologies, with $1B+ valution, raised $170M during its "Series E" fundraising on Apr 15, 2019.



11. Carta: 


A technology company that specializes in capitalization table management and valuation software. Carta makes it simple for companies of all stages to turn employees into owners. As an SEC-registered transfer agent, we help companies issue, value, and transfer securities.

Carta pushed its valuation to $1.7B, while securing its "Series E" round of a $300M in funding on May 05, 2019. Which is doubled from it's previous $850M valuation on Dec 26, 2018.



12. Impossible Foods:


A company that develops plant-based substitutes for meat and dairy products. Impossible Foods aims to give people the taste and nutritional benefits of meat and dairy without the negative health and environmental impacts associated with livestock products. 

Impossible Foods hits its valuation to $2B, when the company secured its "Series E" round of $300M in funding on May 12, 2019.



13. Marqeta:


A payment processing company that provides access to a developer-friendly Issuer Processor API for commerce innovators. Marqeta has re-engineered how payment cards, virtual cards and mobile authorization products should be developed and deployed.

Marqeta joins the presitigious club, with $2B valuation during its "Series E" financing of $260M on May 20, 2019.



14. Druva:


Founded in India, but headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Druva is a global leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, delivering the industry’s first data management-as-a-service solution that aggregates data from endpoints, servers and cloud applications and leverages the public cloud to offer a single pane of glass to enable data protection, governance and intelligence–dramatically increasing the availability and visibility of business critical information, while reducing the risk, cost and complexity of managing and protecting it.

Druva reached to a $1B+, during its "Series G" round of a $130M in funding on Jun 18, 2019.



15. Sonder: 


Formerly known as Flatbook, Sonder is a tech-driven hospitality company offering spaces built for travel and life in cities around the world. The company is transforming the future of hospitality, with thousands of beautiful spaces built for travel and life.

Sonder hits $1B+ valuation, while securing its "Series D" round of a $225M in funding on Jul 11, 2019.



16. Turo: 


A a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you want, wherever you want it, from a vibrant community of local hosts across the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. Turo allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles via an online and mobile interface. Guests choose from a totally unique selection of nearby cars, while hosts earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership.

Turo reached to a $1B+ valuation on Jul 16, 2019, during its "Series E" round of a $250M in funding.



17. Hippo Insurance:


A new kind of insurance company that uses modern technology to provide a simpler process, smarter coverage, and a completely new approach to how we care for our homes. Hippo offers intuitive and proactive home insurance by taking a smarter, tech-driven approach.

Hippo becomes the newest unicorn in the Bay Area with $1B valuation. The company reached the milestone during their "Series D" round of a $100M in funding on Jul 23, 2019.