The 35 Best Startups In Brazil You Need To Know!

: July 24, 2019

These Are The 35 Best Startups in Brazil That You Should Know About!



Brazil, a country with rich culture and heritage, has been the leader in tech revolution in the South America. São Paulo, Brazil’s largest and wealthiest city, is the best ecosystem for startups in Latin America, and has attracted the world’s big tech giants. 



Brazil with the world’s ninth-largest economy, its tech sector has delivered growth rates of more than 20 percent in recent years. Which puts the country among the world’s top 10 growth rates for tech companies. Each year, more than $1.3 billion is invested into the creation of new businesses.


Brazil’s economic capital, São Paulo, was ranked above cities like Sydney, Toronto, and Amsterdam. The city also has the third-fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world. Only Berlin and Bangalore (India) have recorded higher rates. São Paulo is a decision-making hub, the Latam base of 65 percent of Fortune 500 companies and tech giants like Spotify, Airbnb, Google, Netflix and Amazon. It is also home to many local unicorns, including ridesharing firm 99, fintech Nubank and real estate startup Quinto Andar.


Brazil has produced some great startups that are known at the global stage. The country has also incubated startups that became unicorn at one point and some of them went public. Earlier the Brazil's startup ecosystem was domintated by industries like E-Commerce, SaaS, PropTech; but in recent years, with startups like Nubank, Creditas, Geru, Guiabolso etc, Fintech industry is playing the leading role on the tech revolution. 


Here Is A List of The Best 35 Startups in Brazil!


1. Nubank:

Named as the most innovative company in Latin America, Nubank is a financial services startup based in Brazil, offers customers a no-fee, low-interest credit card that customers can manage with their iOS and Android devices. The has created a 100% free-of-charge credit card that has been requested by over 16 million people so far, and the company passed the 4 million active customer mark in 2017.


Year Founded: 2013

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialities: FinTech, Credit Cards, Financial Exchanges, Rewards, Loans, Financial Services, Financial Exchanges


Total Funding: $1.1B in 10 Funding Rounds

Investors: TCV, Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund, Kaszek Ventures, Tiger Global Management, & Goldman Sachs etc.

Valuation: Valued $10B as of Jul 26, 2019


2. Loggi: 

Loggi is an online motoboy quick delivery service, one click away from you. Their technology streamlines your day-to-day life by delivering transparent pricing, automatic payment, and real-time tracking of your delivery with trusted, carefully selected, trained messengers.


Year Founded: 2013

Headquarter: Barueri, Sao Paulo

Specialities: Logistics, Delivery Service, E-Commerce, SaaS, Apps


Total Funding: $295M in 7 Funding Rounds 

Investors: SoftBank Vision Fund, Microsoft, Qualcomm Ventures, Google, IFC Venture Capital Group and others.

Valuation: Valued at $1B as of Jun 6, 2019


3. Gympass:

A fitness discovery platform connecting the world's network of fitness facilities to companies and its employees. Gympass empowers companies to engage the workforce in physical activity by providing access to a network of workout facilities. The company has a network of over 30,000 gyms in Latin America and Western Europe and is looking towards expanding into the US marketplace.


Year Founded: 2012

Headquarter: São Paulo, Sao Paulo

Specialities: Fitness, Wellness, Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement


Total Funding: $300M in 5 Funding Rounds

Investors: SoftBank Investment Advisers, General Atlantic, Atomico, Redpoint etc.

Valuation: Valued at $1.1B as of Jun 12, 2019


4. QuintoAndar:

An apartment rental marketplace that enables a self-service, end-to-end online experience for both tenants and landlords. QuintoAndar enables its users to search, view, book, and rent the property of their choice. The platform offers brokers that will assists its users in purchasing properties. Furthermore, the application enables its users to advertise their own property.


Year Founded: 2012

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialities: Real Estate, PropTech, Property Management, Listings, Internet, Apps


Total Funding: $85.3M in 5 funding rounds

Investors: General Atlantic, Qualcomm Ventures, Google Launchpad Accelerator, Kaszek Ventures etc.

Valuation: Valued at $1.1B as of Nov 2018


5. iFood

Owned by Movile, iFood is an online food delivery portal that develops an innovative system so users can order deliveries on the internet with no hassle. It aims to revolutionize the world of food for a more practical and enjoyable life. In an innovative technology environment and the challenge of strong growth with the delivery partners, restaurants, and customers.


Year Founded: 2011

Headquarter: Osasco, São Paulo

Specialties: Online Delivery, E-Commerce, Food, Beverage, Restaurants, Internet


Total Funding: $591.9M in 7 Funding Rounds

Investors: Movile, Naspers, Just Eat, Innova Capital Consultoria Ltda (Brazil) etc.

Valuation: Valued at $1B+ as of Nov 13, 2018


6. Creditas:

A leading consumer lending platform in Brazil focused on collateralized loans; using technology and data algorithms, Creditas reinvents the process of getting home equity and auto loans and reduces borrowing costs by 80%. It's core products include a version of home equity and auto loans, in which the borrowers offer their residences or vehicles as a collateral for a first-lien lending product.


Year Founded: 2012

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: FinTech, Lending, InsurTech, SaaS, Algorithms, Data Analytics, Loans, Mortgages


Total Funding: $319M in 8 Funding Rounds

Investors: SoftBank, Santander InnoVentures, Amadeus Capital Partners, Endeavor Catalyst, Naspers etc.

Valuation:Valued at $700M on Jun 06, 2019


7. CargoX:

CargoX is a technology powered freight broker. It is a scalable carrier, based on the provision of no assets that provides transportation services to hundreds of customers in a wide range of industries service. CargoX is the independent supplier of blockchain-based Smart Bill of Lading (Smart B/L™) solutions that provide an extremely fast, safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to process Bills of Lading anywhere in the world. Its service is based on a technology that has a growing network of 100,000 truckers.


Year Founded: 2015

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Freight Service, Shipping, Trading Platform, Transportation, SaaS, Logistics


Total Funding: $95M in 6 Funding Rounds

Investors: Goldman Sachs, Blackstone Group, Qualcomm Ventures, & Soros Fund Management etc.


8. Loft:

A digital platform that uses technology to simplify the sale and purchase of real estate. Loft is reinventing the process of buying and selling real estate in Brazil by leveraging technology and data to transform painful and bureaucratic processes into simple and delightful experiences. The company is driven by the enormous challenge of transforming one of the largest and least efficient industries, positively impacting real estate owners, brokers and buyers.


Year Founded: 2018

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Real Estate, Internet, Property Management, SaaS, PropTech


Total Funding: $88M in 2 Funding Rounds

Investors: Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive Capital and Monashees

Valuation: NA


9. Printi: 

An online printing service based in Brazil, offering on-demand, web-based solutions to the country's printing industry. Printi is disrupting the inefficient Brazilian printing space by utilizing sophisticated technology and the scale of the internet. It offers the lowest prices, high quality, and a broad product portfolio to corporations of all sizes.


Year Founded: 2012

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Off-set Printing, Digital Printing, Commercial and Marketing Materials, Digital Asset Management, B2B Printing Services


Total Funding: $56.2M in 3 funding rounds

Investors: VistaPrint, SanDisk, Zarco Investment Group, Cap-Meridian Ventures etc.

Valuation: NA


10. Geru:

Geru is a simple, fast, fair and cost-effective online loan platform that connects borrowers and investors. It has developed and started Brazilan's first fully digital payroll loan product in 2018. The company developed its own credit score model using unstructered data. Rates are lower than market and vary from 25% to 80% p.a., depending on the applicant's score.


Year Founded: 2014

Headquarter: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

Specialties: FinTech, Credit Rating, Payments, Consumer Lending, Loans, Personal Finance


Total Funding: R$536.6M ($159.3M) in 11 Funding Rounds

Investor: Chromo Invest

Valuation: NA


11. Hurb (Hotel Urbano): 

Hurb, previously known as Hotel Urbano, is an online platform that enables travelers to find and reserve accommodation and activities. The company has an audience of travelers on Facebook with over 11 million fans, the largest fan page on the social network among young internet companies all around the world as well in the travel market segment worldwide. 


Year Founded: 2011 

Headquarter: Rio De Janeiro

Specialties: Tourism, Hospitality, Internet, Reservations, Travel, Bookings, Insurance, Vacation Packages, SaaS, Travel Tech


Total Funding: $135M in 5 funding rounds

Investors: Insight Venture Partners, Tiger Global Management, Facebook, Netflix, Linkedin, Booking Holdings ttc.

Valuation: Valued at approximately $500M in 2015


12. WEEL: 

A fintech company that provides the key to growth for thousands of Brazilian SMEs. WEEL works with thousands of Brazilian to help unlock the value stored in their accounts receivables. Through it's digital platform, provides the most advanced technology for companies across Brazil to perform digital receivables prepayment operations quickly, transparently, securely and at the most attractive rates in the market. 


Year Founded: 2014

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: FinTech, Financial Services, Payments, Cash Flow Management, SMEs


Total Funding: $44.5M in 3 Funding Rounds

Investors: Mindset Ventures, Franklin Templeton Investments, Monashees, Banco Votorantim, & FJ Labs

Valuation: NA


13. Easy Taxi:

Easy Taxi is a mobile E-hailing application available in 30 countries. The app allows users to book a taxi and track it in real time. The same iOS, Android, or Windows Phone app can be used in all places in which the partner taxis operate.  Easy platform is composed of four key services lines, the affordable EasyGo, the reliable EasyTaxi, the convenient EasyPlus+, and our sophisticated EasyPremium.


Year Founded: 2011

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Transportation, Mobile Application, SaaS, Tracking Service, Taxi Service


Total Funding: $77M in 7 funding rounds

Investors: Rocket Internet, Millicom, iMENA, Mobily Ventures, Phenomen Ventures etc.

Valuation: NA


14. Guiabolso: 

A mobile personal finance service offering financial management tools and a credit marketplace. GuiaBolso's digital hub connects Brazilian consumers to financial products via an in-app marketplace with real-time origination. It has over 3.3M users of its #1 Finance app and consumer credit marketplace.


Year Founded: 2012

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: FinTech, Financial Services, Consumer Lending, Credit, Personal Finance, Internet, Mobile Apps


Total Funding: $56M in 5 Funding Rounds

Investors: Vostok, Kaszek Ventures, Ribbit Capital, QED Investors, Omidyar Network and IFC, the World Bank's financial arm etc.

Valuation: NA


15. In Loco:

In Loco is a technology company that provides intelligence from location data. The company helps brands to advertise more effectively based on the most accurate location technology worldwide. In Loco's platform has 40M users, 3.2B monthly requests and 200B location data points (12/2015). Several new products are being developed, please contact us for more information.


Year Founded: 2014

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Analytics, Big Data, Location Intelligence, Mobile Apps


Total Funding: $20M in 3 Funding Rounds

Investors: Naspers, Valor Capital Group and Buscapé

Valuation: NA


16. VivaReal: 

An online real estate marketplace that connects buyers, sellers, and renters with properties in Brazil. VivaReal offers more than 1.8 million advertisements for houses and apartments for purchase and rental. The portal is an absolute leader in its segment of activity, is present with local offices in 14 Brazilian cities and receives more than 6 million visits monthly.


Year Founded: 2009

Headquarter: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

Specialties: Internet, Marketplace, Real Estate, PropTech, SaaS, CRM


Total Funding: $74.8M in 6 Funding Rounds

Investors: Spark Capital, Valiant Capital Partners, Kaszek Ventures, Lead Edge Capital etc.

Valuation: NA


17. Escale:

A performance-based, customer acquisition company that uses data and technology to build optimized buying experiences for brands. Escale uses data and technology to deliver more intelligent and optimized buying experiences to consumers. They manage the end-to-end sales funnel for big brands in industries such as telecom, healthcare and education with a simple thesis: the best sales strategy is to deliver an amazing buying experience to end users.


Year Founded: 2013

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Digital Marketing, Sales, SEO, Software, Customer Acquisition, Data Analytics, Web Development, SaaS, Diversity


Total Funding: $22.6M in 4 Funding Rounds

Investors: Kaszek Ventures, Global Founders Capital and Redpoint e.Ventures

Valuation: NA


18. Agrosmart: 

Agrosmart is an agtech startup that offers smart farming software that allows remote monitoring of agroeconomic data for managerial automation. The company monitors crops such as grains, sugar cane, fruits and citrus, from North to South in Brazil, clients that are references in their respective areas of activity. Some of their client includes Cargil, Raigen, Obrigado®, Orfeu Special Coffees etc. 


Year Founded: 2014

Headquarter: Campinas, Sao Paulo

Specialties: Agriculture, Farming, AgTech, IoT, Data Science, Irrigation


Total Funding: $4.6M in 4 Funding Rounds

Investors: SP Ventures, SVG Ventures, Baita Accelerator, & Start-Up Brasil

Valuation: NA


19. Neon:

Neon is a Brazilian Fintech that provides digital banking services. Its mission is to unite technology and design to redesign and simplify people's financial experience. Neon offers Neon Pejota that allows you to make payments, issue tickets and purchase with business cards. All without monthly fees!


Year Founded: 2016

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: FinTech, Financial Services, Digital Banking, Payments, Credit Cards, Investments


Total Funding: $25.5M in 3 Funding Rounds

Investors: Propel Ventures, Monashees and Quona, Yellow Ventures, Omydiar Network, Tera Capital etc.

Valuation: NA


20. InstaCarro: 

An online car buying and selling company that aims to add value both to individuals who want to sell their cars and to resellers. InstaCarro offers online access to the large inventory of cars previously inspected, transparency - with photos and detailed reports - and guarantee of immediate return if a car purchased is in different conditions than reported.


Year Founded: 2015

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Automotive, Internet, E-Commerce, SaaS


Total Funding: $22.5M in 2 Funding Rounds

Investors: Lumia Capital, FJ Labs, FundersClub, Global Founders Capital etc.


21. ContaAzul: 

ContaAzul is an online platform for small businesses that helps organizing financial routines in one place. It is the easy-to-use online platform for financial management and control of your small business.


Year Founded: 2012

Headquarter: Joinville, Santa Catarina

Specialties: B2B, E-Commerce, Education, ERP, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, Internet, Network Security, SaaS


Total Funding: $37M in 5 Funding Rounds

Investors: Tiger Global Management, Ribbit Capital, Endeavor Catalyst, Valar Ventures, 500 Startups etc.


22. InCeres: 

An online platform for precision farming and traditional crop management that combines agility and ease of use with a sophisticated data management system. InCeres has developed Systems Precision Farming, a platform that allows you to perform soil fertility management quickly and intelligently with real-time imaging and map import and generation. 


Year Founded: 2013

Headquarter: Piracicaba, São Paulo

Specialties: Agriculture, Farming, Data Integration, Enterprise Software, Productivity Maps, Precision Agriculture, AgTech, SaaS, Automation, Analytics, Data Sharing


Total Funding: $2.6M in 2 Funding Rounds

Investor: SP Ventures


23. Docket:

A Lawtech company that optimizes the search, management, and analysis of documents with legal value, reducing costs and time. Docket uses technology and innovation to make your processes more agile. Its mission of making simple the search, management and pre-analysis of documents from all over Brazil. 


Year Founded: 2016

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Document Management, Document Shopping, Legal Tech, Property Search, SaaS, AI, ML, APIs


Total Funding: NA


24. Sky.One: 

A provider of cloud solutions with security, flexibility, and high performance to benefit companies that embrace this new environment. Sky.One offers cloud computing solutions for companies looking to transform the way they deal with the systems and information in real time.


Year Founded: 2013

Headquarter: São Paulo, Sao Paulo

Specialties: Cloud Platform, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Information Services, AWS


Total Funding: R$22.5M in 1 Funding Round

Investor: Invest Tech


25. Idwall: 

Idwall is an identity verification, compliance assurance and anti-fraud software that helps small and medium-sized businesses in customer credentialing process. The company builds technologies to enrich human interactions. With this, businesses can be safer, faster, innovative and inclusive. They help companies validate the identity of their users digitally.


Year Founded: 2016

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Identity Verification, Compliance Assurance, Anti-Fraud, Big Data, Information Technology, Security


Total Funding: $3.8M in 3 Funding Rounds

Investors: Monashees, 500 startups, & Canary


26. Maplink: 

Maplink is a company specializing in planning, scheduling, optimization and real-time monitoring of transportation of routes. The company has customers in more than 18 countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa. The company also offering it's solutions to more than 1.200 companies of different sizes and industries.


Year Founded: 2000

Headquarter: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

Specialties: Logistics Solutions, Geolocation Services, Google Cloud Solutions, APIs, Supply Chain Management, Mapping Services


Total Funding: $15M in a single Round of Funding

Investors: NA


27. FinanZero: 

FinanZero is an online marketplace that simplifies the way to apply for credit in Brazil. It handles the lending process from start to finish, with the customer and the bank fully integrated into FinanZero’s system. FinanZero has simplified the way to apply for all type of consumer loan products in Brazil. Its free marketplace that allows you to compare loans online and choose the option that fits your needs with the lowest interest rate and best terms.


Year Founded: 2015

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: FinTech, Banking, Financial Services, Loans, Credits, Lending


Total Funding: $15.8M in 3 Funding Rounds

Investors: Vostok Emerging Finance, Atlant Fonder, Dunross & Co, Webrock Ventures and Zentro Founders


28. Contabilizei:

A technology company that is promoting the biggest accounting industry revolution in the last few decades. Contabilizei's mission is to democratize accounting for micro and small businesses throughout Brazil. Contabilizei has been in the history of 5 years and helping the growth of more than 10,000 companies from all over the country.


Year Founded: 2013

Headquarter: Curitiba, Parana

Specialties: Accounting, Information Technology, Internet, SaaS


Total Funding: $20.1M in 3 Funding Rounds

Investors: Google Launchpad Accelerator, Point72 Ventures, Endeavor Catalyst, e.bricks Ventures etc.


29. Horus Aeronaves: 

Horus Aeronaves is a designer and manufactures of drones to capture images and provide aerial mapping solutions. The company develops aerial solutions, with national manufacturing of VANTs for aerial mapping and image processing platform. Horus Aeronaves has worked with unmanned aircraft construction on research projects at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, participating in national and international competitions , Winning even a Brazilian title.


Year Founded: 2014

Headquarter: Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

Specialties: Aerospace, Agriculture, Air Transportation, Drones, Manufacturing, Mapping Technology, Image Processing


Total Funding: $3M in 2 Funding Rounds

Investors: EqSeed, SP Ventures, & Darwin Starter


30. Descomplica: 

A full service learning company, that helped more than 30MM students from day to day activities in High School to Getting a better job. Descomplica offers an educational platform that provides students with subject and course materials.Descomplica offers an educational platform that provides students with subject and course materials.


Year Founded: 2012

Headquarter: Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Specialties: EdTech, Online Education, Live classes, Online Content, Internet, Learning


Total Funding: $31.1M in 5 Funding Rounds

Investors: Valor Capital Group, Amadeus Capital Partners, Logo of ZenStone Venture Capital etc.


31. Winnin:

A media entertainment company that helps brands, media companies and creators to understand what their audiences really enjoy watching utilizing powerful video data intelligence. Winnin's products include a Data Analysis Platform named Winnin Insights, and a Consultancy Services called Winnin Strategy. It's clients include Budwaiser, Corona, Nestle, Coca-Cola, NuBank, & KitKat among others. 


Year Founded: 2014

Headquarter: Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Specialties: Media, Digital Entertainment, Content Creators, SaaS, Data Intelligence, Content Engagement, Behavioural Analytics, AI, Analytics, Data Analysis, Consultancy Services


Total Funding: $8M in 3 Funding Rounds

Investors: Coca-Cola Founders, Leste Investimentos, Bruno Rocha, Luiz Orenstein, Cristiano Souza etc.


32. Mandaê:

A logistics platform for companies looking to reduce the shipping costs of their orders and improve the quality of their deliveries. Mandaê is the world's only platform that focuses on optimizing the entire parcel supply chain. The company was selected to the 2015 Endeavor Startup Network, was winner of the ABComm Innovation in E-commerce Logistics Award in 2017, and winner of the São Paulo “Smart Cities” category of the 1776 Challenge Cup.


Year Founded: 2014

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: Logistics, Delivery, Supply Chain, E-Commerce, Location Based Services, Mobile, Shipping


Total Funding: $11.3M in 4 funding rounds

Investors: Monashees, Qualcomm Ventures, Performa, Valor Capital, Hans Hickler (former CEO of DHL Express-USA) etc.


33. REBEL:

REBEL is an online lending platform that offers a 100% online unsecured personal loan with smart rate that are tailored to each client's credit profile. It's initial product is a personal credit product, without guarantees, with rates calculated based on the credit profile of each client. 


Year Founded: 2017

Headquarter: São Paulo, São Paulo

Specialties: FinTech, Financial Services, Consumer Lending, Credit, Loans, Blockchain, Data Analytics


Total Funding: $9.7M in 5 Funding Rounds

Investors: Amazon Web Services, Google Launchpad Accelerator, Monashees, Al Goldstein etc.


34. Neoway:

A big data and analytics company, which helps clients manage sales by aggregating and curating massive amounts of highly detailed information about prospective customers and a range of markets. Neoway boasts data on more than 3,000 databases in 600 different sources globally, handled and updated daily. Neoway’s paid SaaS platform empowers companies to drive their business forward, whether it’s selling more efficiently and effectively, protecting against risk, or keeping up with evolving laws and regulations.


Year Founded: 2002

Headquarter: Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

Specialties: Big Data, Data Analytics, IoT, SaaS, Decision Science, BI


Total Funding: $45M in 3 Funding Rounds

Investors: Accel, Temasek Holdings, QMS Capital, Pointbreak, Andrew Prozes etc.


35. SpecLab:

An agtech company specializing in the development of innovative analytical solutions using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. SPecLab offers solutions for optimizing complex laboratory analytical processes efficiently, economically and sustainably, combining cognitive computing and spectral sensors to determine the nutritional, chemical, physical and biological properties of raw materials and products.


Year Founded: 2017

Headquarter: Sumaré, Sao Paulo

Specialties: Agriculture, Analytics, Farming, AgTech, Big Data, AI, Cognitive Computing, Sensor Technology


Total Funding: $2.3M in 2 Funding Rounds

Investor: SP Ventures



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