The 25 Hottest Startups in Switzerland That You Should Know!

: August 26, 2019

The 25 Hottest Startups Based in Switzerland That You Should Know About!



Switzerland has a very vibrant startup ecosystem. Eventhough they are often overshadowed by the neghouburing country like UK, Germany, France and Sweden. But the country has managed to produced some great startups that are already known in the global stage. 


These Are The 25 Hottest Startups in Switzerland: 


1. Roivant

A biotech company focused on rapidly developing innovative medicines through a novel form of industrial organization in R&D. Roivant aims to improve health by rapidly delivering innovative medicines and technologies to patients. They do this by building Vants – nimble, entrepreneurial biotech and healthcare technology companies with a unique approach to sourcing talent, aligning incentives, and deploying technology.


Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Basel, Basel-Stadt

Specialities: BioTech, Biopharma, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Health Tech etc.

With a total of $1.9B in funding Roivant is the most well funded startup in Switzerland. It is also the most valuable startup in the country with $7B valuation.


2. MindMaze:

A global Augmented and Virtual Reality company that is pioneering a breakthrough computing platform that captures brain activity upon intent, creating a new operating system for computers - a brain O/S. MindMaze has developed user interfaces, including a lightweight, wearable Head Mounted Display (HMD) and 3D motion capture cameras that offer VR, gesture, and multiple object or user recognition and augmented reality capabilities.


Year Founded: 2012

HQ: Lausanne, Vaud

Specialities: VR, AR, Neurotechnology, 3D Technology, Medical Devices, Health Tech, MedTech, Computer Graphics, Brain Imaging etc.

MindMaze is another Swiss unicorn with $1B valuation. The company has attracted investors including Leonardo DiCaprio, Hinduja Group & Venture Kick.


3. Energy Vault: 

An Idealab company that creates renewable energy storage products. Energy Vault has created the world’s only cost-effective, utility-scale gravity-based energy storage system that is not dependent on land topography or specific geology underground. Energy Vault’s ready-to-deploy solution combined with low cost solar or wind renewable generation is lower than the most economical existing, fully-amortized fossil fuel-based power plants (i.e. combined cycle natural gas).


Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Lugano, Ticino

Specialities: Energy, Storage Solution, Renewable Energy, Natural Gas, CleanTech

Energy Vault has received investments from SoftBank Vision Fund, Cemex Ventures, Idealab, & NeoTribe Ventures. To-date the company has raised a total of $120M in funding, including a "Series B" round of $110M financing on Aug 14, 2019. 


4. WayRay: 

A leading developer of holographic AR technologies for connected cars. It offers True Augmented Reality to turn your daily commute into quality time. WayRay's in-house R&D center and prototyping facilities create holographic optical systems, complex mechanics, electronics, and software.


Year Founded: 2012

HQ: Lausanne, Vaud

Specialities: AR, VR, Automotive, Connected Cars, Consumer Electronics, Navigation

Backed by top companies including Alibaba Group, Hyundai Motor Company, Porsche etc. WayRay has raised over $100M in funding to-date. The company has received many awards including, in 2013, Business Insider magazine listed WayRay among the 11 Hottest Startups in Northern Europe; in 2017, Wired magazine included WayRay in the Top 10 Startups Racing to Remake The Auto Industry.



An artificial Intelligence based tech company that combines deep expertise in life sciences and medical disciplines with mathematical capabilities in data computing. SOPHiA GENETICS offers genomic and radiomic analysis to hospitals. The company uses its AI-based technology to analyze genomic profiles produced by next-generation DNA Sequencing and unearth actionable insights. Processing medical images, the application also leverages radiomics to predict and monitor the evolution of tumors.


Year Founded: 2011

HQ: Lausanne, Vaud

Specialities: BioTech, Bioinformatics, Algorithms, Big Data, SaaS, Analytics, AI, ML, Deep Learning, Health Tech, Healthcare AI

Sophia Genetics is backed by Balderton Capital, Generation Investment Management, Idinvest Partners, & 360 Capital Partners among others. The company has raised a total of $140M in funding to-date. SOPHiA GENETICS was ranked among the 50 smartest companies by the MIT Technology Review in 2017.


6. Gamaya:

A provider of agronomic solutions powered by hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence. Gamaya develops agronomy intelligence platform to address crop and region-specific issues to increase efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses. The company uses a combination of space-borne and proprietary drone-based hyperspectral imaging data, along with the corresponding historical climate and weather records.


Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Morges, Vaud

Specialities: Agriculture, AgTech, AI, Big Data, Analytics, Drones, Robotics, Sensors, Imaging

Gamaya has raised a total of CHF15.4M in funding from Mahindra Rise, Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), Venture Kick, & ICOS Capital Management among others.


7. Ava Women: 

A patented multi-sensor bracelet, which allows women to precisely and conveniently predict fertile days. Ava makes it easy to gain a profound and accurate understanding of your cycle and health—empowering you to make informed choices for your life.  Its initial product consists of a sophisticated sensor bracelet, an app and a powerful backend with self-learning algorithms for interpretation of hormonal changes, accurate ovulation tracking and screening of women's health issues.


Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Zurich

Specialities: Health Care, Medical, Medical Device, Personal Health, MedTech, Consumer Electronics, Signal Processing, Data Analytics, Big data, Wearable Technology

Ava was voted “Best of Baby Tech” at CES 2017, named a Women’s Health “Editors’ Choice” product, and honored as the top Swiss startup in both 2017 and 2018. Its $42.4M funding came from investors including btov Partners, SVC, Polytech Ventures, & Swisscom Ventures among others.


8. Teralytics: 

A big data analytics platform that offers the most advanced insights on human mobility based on cutting edge data science, proprietary machine learning algorithms and deep technology, capturing billions of signals every day from cell towers and other unique sources. Teralytics works with leading telecom companies and data partners around the globe to capture information about people’s geographical locations, movement habits and demographics; all completely anonymized and aggregated.


Year Founded: 2012

HQ: Zürich, Zürich

Specialities: Big Data, Analytics, AI, ML, Data Science, Data Visualization, CRM, Transportation

Teralytics is backed by Atomico, Horizons Ventures, Bosch Group, Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures, innogy Ventures, LBBW Venture Capital, Liil Ventures, Lakestar and others. It has raised a total of $17.5M in funding to-date. 


9. Flyability:

An EPFL spin-off dedicated to creating safe, collision-tolerant robotics to access inaccessible places, replacing dangerous human operations with unmanned devices. Flyability is building safe drones for inaccessible places. By allowing drones to be used safely inside cities, inside buildings, and in contact with people, it enables new interactions and services with UAVs and solving the two most critical issues of one of the fastest growing industries: collision and injury risks.


Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Lausanne, Vaud

Specialities: Drones, Robotics, Consumer Electronics, Aviation

Flyability is backed by ETF Partners, Swisscom Ventures, GoBeyond, The Dow Chemical Company and others. The company has raised a total of $17.8M in funding to-date.


10. Scandit:

A barcode scanning platform for mobile enterprise apps. Scandit develops software for barcode scanning, text and objects recognition, and delivering real-time insights through augmented reality. The company offers cloud-based enterprise mobility and data capture platform for smart devices built on proprietary computer vision, machine learning and augmented reality.


Year Founded: 2009

HQ: Zurich

Specialities: Scanner, Barcode Scanning, Apps, Data Visualization, Cloud Computing, AI, ML, AR, Computer Vision, Analytics, Retail, Image Recognition, Transportation, Logistics, Manufacturing

Scandit has raised $43M in funding from investors including GV, Atomico, NGP Capital, & Ariel Luedi.


11. Ambrosus: 

A blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, enabling secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases to optimise supply chain visibility and quality assurance. Ambrosus is building a decentralised ecosystem where sensors can talk to blockchain and every entrepreneur can use our tools to launch a startup.


Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Zug

Specialities: Blockchain, IoT, Sensors, FoodTech, Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics

Ambrosus promotes ecosystem growth through its robust offering of developer tools and modules that empower community members to build dApps, extensions and protocol upgrades.


12. Wingtra:

Wingtra is the world’s leading VTOL drone producer for mapping, survey and mining industry professionals. It aims to have a large-scale positive impact on the human condition. They do this through technology and robots. Wingtra produces the VTOL WingtraOne drone, that collects high resolution aerial data which is used to generate orthophotos, 3D reconstructions, point cloud and NDVI maps; the drone is capable of covering 390 hectares (960 acres) at an altutude of 240 metres (790 ft) at 3 cm/px GSD.


Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Zurich

Specialities: Aerospace, Drones, Robotics, Data Collection, SaaS, Mapping Technology, Image Analysis, AgTech, Automation, Manufacturing

Wingtra raised funding from Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital, Zürcher Kantonal Bank, investiere | Verve Capital Partners, & EASME - EU Executive Agency for SMEs. The WingtraOne was awarded the Swiss Excellence Product Award in 2016.


13. Bestmile:

A technology company providing distributed and highly scalable cloud technology leveraging the full potential of autonomous vehicles to tackle global mobility challenges. Bestmile empowers mobility providers to deploy, manage and optimize autonomous and conventional driven vehicle fleets. Its cloud platform enables the intelligent operation and optimization of autonomous mobility services, managing fixed-route and on-demand services regardless of the vehicle brand or type.


Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Lausanne, Vaud

Specialities: Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Transportation, AI, ML

Bestmile’s on-demand autonomous mobility services platform is being used daily in city centers on four continents on both pedestrian areas and open roads. Its fleet automation platform supports every operating model from fixed routes with fixed schedules to on-demand door-to-door services, or combinations of them, enabling optimized and dynamic services.


14. Avrios: 

A cloud computing company that provides tailored transportation services for every employee in one single platform. Avrios integrates data from multiple sources – including vehicle manufacturers, fuel card providers and leasing companies – so you always have the most up-to-date and accurate information available at your fingertips.


Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Zürich

Specialities: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Automotive, Business Intelligence, SaaS, Logistics, AI, ML, Fleet Management, Logistics

Avrios currently manages the fleet of more than 750 customers in Europe and is one of the fastest growing companies in the SaaS space. The company is backed by Lakestar, Notion, investiere | Verve Capital Partners & Zürcher Kantonalbank ZKB along with other angel investors. 


15. Lunaphore: 

A medtech startup that develops automated solutions, performing immunohistochemistry, based on a unique microfluidic technology. Lunaphore has developed a next-generation tissue diagnostics platform for the analysis and classification of tumors and other solid tissues. Based on a proprietary microfluidic chip technology and a bench top device, the platform offers customers unprecedented speed, accuracy and flexibility.


Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Lausanne, Vaud

Specialities: Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Medical Device, MedTech

Lunaphore’s unique solution meets today’s needs, where medicine is becoming more personalized and whole panels of biomarkers play an increasing role. The company has raised a total of $17.4M in funding, backed by Eurostars, Venture Kick, OCCIDENT, Zürcher Kantonal Bank, & Redalpine among others.


16. Demiurge Technologies:

A world-leading artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and pharmaceutical company with a focus on translating exponentially growing neuroscience data into a new generation of deep neural networks (Deep Learning 2.0) whose learning performance and learning efficiency match those of animal brains. Demiurge Technologies develops the next generation of neural networks and mobile robots from a rebuilt foundation of mathematics, neuroscience and medicine, to realize one-shot learning and self-supervised learning for ultra-safe fully autonomous cars on earth and low-cost exploratory robots in space.


Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Zug

Specialities: AI, Pharmaceutical, Neuroscience, Deep Learning, Robotics, Autonomous, Analytics, Algorithms, Healthcare AI

Demiurge was elected among the 50 most influential companies of the Swiss digital economy. It is also recognized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as a world leader in integrating AI technologies for smart cities.


17. Biovotion:

A leading wearable physiology monitoring company, providing integrated solutions with connected hardware and value-added monitoring services. Biovotion actively promotes the consumerisation of healthcare, providing solutions that integrate medical grade quality and reliability with ease-of-use and design of the consumer markets.


Year Founded: 2011

HQ: Zürich

Specialities: MedTech, Medical Devices, Hardware, Wearable Technology, Fitness, Health Tech, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Dashboards, AI, ML, Data Privacy

Biovotion’s wearable solutions has been awarded with multiple international, prestigious prizes & high-caliber endorsements, including an XPrize. The company has raised a total of CHF13M in funding from Swiss RE, PM Equity Partner, STMicroelectronics, & Harmony Medical, to-date.


18. Xsensio:

A specialist in wearable sensing technology that develops the unique Lab-on-Skin™​ sensing platform for next-gen wearables. Xsensio is a spinoff of the Nanolab at the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL), located at the EPFL Innovation Park.


Year Founded: 2014

HQ: Lausanne, Vaud

Specialities: Nanotechnology, Semiconductor, Sensors, Wearable Technology, Health Tech, Wellness

Xsensio's next-generation Lab-on-Skin wearable devices uniquely exploit biochemical information at the surface of our skin, providing unprecedented real-time information about our health and wellness, in a simple, non-invasive way. The company rreceived funding from Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), EASME - EU Executive Agency for SMEs, MassChallenge, Venture Kick, & Tetracom, raising a total of $3.5M in funding to-date.


19. Daedalean:

A provider of autonomous flight control for the electric personal aircraft of the near future. Daedalean builds software for safety-critical avionics, integrating modern robotics, computer vision and deep AI. The product roadmap by the company is aimed to systematically outperform human pilots on all their functions. It is the developer of the first certifiable AI for autonomous piloting and flight control.


Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Zurich

Specialities: Aerospace, Air Transportation, Autonomous Vehicles, AI, ML, Computer Vision, Robotics

Daedalean works with major eVTOL companies and leading aerospace manufacturers to specify, build, test and certify a fully autonomous sensor and autopilot system that can reliably and completely replace the human pilot. The company raised a total of CHF 11.8M (nearly $12M) in funding, backed by Carthona Capital, EASME - EU Executive Agency for SMEs, Redalpine, Amino Capital, & SICTIC.


20. Beekeeper: 

A secure employee app that digitizes the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels. Beekeeper is on a mission to transform the daily work lives of over 2 billion frontline employees. It is easy to implement and even easier to use. The interface and clean, simple UI paves the way for high adoption rates and strong employee engagement.


Year Founded: 2012

HQ:  Zurich

Specialities: Mobile Apps, Enterprise Messaging, Digital Workplace, SaaS, Collaboration, Employee App, Analytics, Employee Engagement

Beekeeper integrates with your existing operational systems and makes the tools you already use accessible to everyone in one central hub. backed by Atomico, Keen Venture Partners, investiere | Verve Capital Partners, Swiss Post etc, The company raised a total of $26M in funding to-date.


21. DEPsys: 

A technology company that delivers solutions enabling traditional low-voltage electricity networks. DEPsys provides evolutive solutions enabling traditional low-voltage electricity networks to cope with the new constraints of decentralized production from renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic systems and wind turbines, as well as emerging storage technologies.


Year Founded: 2012

HQ: Puidoux, Vaud

Specialities: Energy, Renewable Energy, Electronics, Smart Grids, IoT, CleanTech

DEPsys is backed by BNP Paribas Private Equity, SET Ventures, EASME - EU Executive Agency for SMEs, & Statkraft Ventures among others. It has raised a total of $18.4M in funding to-date.


22. ecoRobotix: 

A developer of autonomous weeding robots, which help farmers to produce healthier food with a more efficient and sustainable use of herbicides. ecoRobotix aims to offer precise, safe, reliable and affordable robotic solutions that simplify farmers’ life to produce healthy food.


Year Founded: 2011

HQ: Yverdon-les-bains, Vaud

Specialities: Agriculture, Farming, AgTech, Robotics, AI, Autonomous Machine, Manufacturing, Sensors

ecoRobotix is the first ever completely autonomous machine for a more ecological and economical weeding of row crops, meadows and intercropping cultures. The company has raised a total of CHF13.6M in funding, backed by investors including Capagro, BASF Venture Capital, 4FO Ventures, & Business Angels Switzerland (BAS).


23. Numbrs:

A customer-centric financial services company that enables its customers to manage their existing bank accounts and personal finances and to buy any financial product from every provider at the best possible price. Numbrs has partnerships with three German banks, Postbank, Norisbank, and SWK Bank, that allows the app to work with accounts from those banks so that users could compare the terms of various banking-related offers and apply for an account, a loan or a credit card directly via the app.


Year Founded: 2012

HQ: Zurich

Specialities: FinTech, Banking, Financial Services, Financial Planning, Mobile Apps, Cloud Technology

Numbrs has 1.5 million bank accounts that are currently managed through the app in Germany and it is the #1 bank-independent banking app on iOS and Android. The company has raised a total of $165M in funding, backed by Saidler & Co., OCCIDENT, SevenVentures, & Centralway Ventures and others.


24. QualySense:

QualySense is a Swiss company that develops high-end solutions for a safe and sustainable food supply by pioneering high-speed single kernel technologies. It develops a high-speed multi-tons per hour sorting device, which will change how grains, beans and seeds are processed and valued worldwide by assessing the biochemical quality of grains one by one.


Year Founded: 2010

HQ: Glattbrugg, Zurich

Specialities: Agriculture, Food Processing, Beverage, Process Monitoring, Analytics, Robotics

QualySense is reinventing the global soft commodity market by pioneering the proprietary QSorter® technology, a sophisticated high-speed single-kernel robot, which measures the compositional and physical quality of each grain and sorts it accordingly. The company has raised a total of $21.9M in funding from Zürcher Kantonal Bank & Venturelab.


25. Nouscom:

A next-generation immunotherapy company developing genetic neoantigen vaccines and oncolytic viruses for prevention and treatment of cancer. Nouscom is working on to develop a series of new, potent immunotherapeutics capable of selectively killing tumor cells.


Year Founded: 2015

HQ: Basel, Basel-Stadt

Specialities: BioTech, Genetics, Health Care, Therapeutics

Nouscom’s proprietary technology platform, Exovax, harnesses the full power of immune response by combining viral vectored genetic vaccines based on neoantigens with other immunomodulators. Nouscom has raised a total of €54M ($59.93M) in funding, backed by 5AM, Abingworth, LSP (Life Sciences Partners) and Versant Ventures.



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