The 25 Amazing Startups in Colombia!

: September 05, 2019

These Are The 25 Amazing Startups Based in Colombia!




Colombia is one of the best startup tech hubs in South American. And it's startup ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace, with the adoption of technology. 


Here Is A List The 25 Amazing Startups From Colombia:


1. Rappi: 

The only unicorn from the country, Rappi is also one of most valuable startup in South America. This on-demand delivery startup also has presence Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Perú, and Uruguay. Rappi's defining characteristics is the broad range of products and services available for delivery. The mobile app lets users order groceries, food or drugstore medications, but also send money (cash) to someone, or have a courier withdraw money from their bank account from an ATM and get it delivered to them. Couriers even walk customers' dogs.


Year Founded: 2015

Specialities: Delivery Service, Transportation, Internet, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Foods, Groceries


Total Funding: $1.392B

Investors: DST Global, SoftBank, Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz etc.

Valuation: Rappi was valued at $2.5B as of Apr 30, 2019


2. LifeMiles: 

Latin America's leading airline driven Loyalty Program and a frequent flyer program for Avianca and TACA. LifeMiles aims at inspiring over 7 million members worldwide to adopt a purposeful lifestyle of advantages and benefits while they enjoy the journey of accruing miles for everything they do, and fulfulling their dreams by redeeming great rewards. Over 27 banks in over 12 countries in the Americas carry LifeMiles as a loyalty program to accrue up to 3 miles with every dollar in purchases, and a retail program with over 100 brands in Colombia, Peru, and Central America.


Year Founded: 2011

Specialities: Airlines, Air Transportation, Loyalty Programs, Credit Cards, Public Transportation, Travel


Total Funding: $343.7M

Investor: Advent International 


3. Liftit:

A last-mile truck delivery platform that connects independent truck drivers to businesses that need cargo delivered. Liftit is a startup that uses technology to connect the demand for cargo transportation with the supply of drivers and trucks available in the streets.


Year Founded: 2017

Specialities: Internet, Logistics, Marketplace, Delivery, Supply Chain, Mobile Apps, Transportation


Total Funding: $16.5M

Investors: IFC Venture Capital Group, Jaguaar Ventures, Alpha4 Ventures, NXTP Labs etc.


4. Sempli:

An online lending platform for small businesses in Colombia that offers a simple and timely credit for small and medium enterprises in Colombia. Sempli's platform allows small and medium-sized businesses to apply for loans of 30 to 300 million in minutes, through a 100% digital experience.


Year Founded: 2016

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Lending, SMEs, Credits


Total Funding: $24M

Investors: IDB Lab, Generación Exponencial, Impulsum Ventures, Oikocredit International etc.


5. Frubana:

A tech farm-to-restaurant platform that eliminates intermediaries in the food supply industry between producers and buyers. Frubana allows producers of agro products to sell directly to retailers, food services and other large consumers.


Year Founded: 2017

Specialities: Internet, E-Commerce, Agriculture, AgTech, Logistics, Marketplace, Restaurants


Total Funding: $12M

Investors: Y Combinator, Monashees, GE32 Capital, & Kairos



A digital company that maps cities and citizens by crowdsourcing location data to drive transactions between consumers, merchants and brands. CIVICO is currently up and running in Mexico City, Bogota and Santiago with more than 4 million monthly active users using their apps and web, 800,000 crowdsourced places in its database and 50,000 crowdsourcer´s mapping their cities.


Year Founded: 2012

Specialities: Internet, Mobile Apps, Mapping, City, Big Data, Location Based Services, News, Crowdsourcing, SMB, FinTech


Total Funding: $11.7M

Investors: MasterCard & Accion


7. Ofi:

A leading B2B e-Commerce company in Latin America that is specializing in business supply products to SMBs via e-Commerce and Call Center. Ofi is the first online portal in Colombia that offers the widest variety of products ranging from stationery, cafeteria, laptops, desktops, servers, networking, software licensing, to equipment leasing, outsourcing printing and cloud services for your office or business.


Year Founded: 2014

Specialities: Internet, E-Commerce, B2B, Retail, Retail Tech, Stationery, Hardwares, SaaS, IoT, AI, ML, Robotic Process Automation


Total Funding: $17M

Investors: Angel Ventures, Rise Capital, Endeavor Catalyst, Alpha4 Ventures etc.


8. Addi:

A technology company focused on offering digital financial services for Latin America, starting with credit at the point of payment. Addi offers you the possibility of obtaining consumer credits for your purchases in their allied stores.


Year Founded: 2018

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Banking, Credits, Consumer Services


Total Funding: $16.3M

Investors: Andreessen Horowitz, Monashees & Village Global


9. Táximo: 

A car rental/financing platform that provides sustainable access to cars for drivers in emerging markets for the shared individual transportation industry. Táximo works with its strategic partners to source the cars and provide attractive risk adjusted returns and valuable information of car and industry economics.


Year Founded: 2012

Specialities: Internet, Automotive, Ride Sharing, Transportation, Financial Services, Analtytics


Total Funding: $13.4M

Investors: Rearden Capital Management LLC & Polymath Ventures


10. Credivalores:

A non-bank financial company and leader in the origination of consumer loans in Colombia. Credivalores offers Tucrédito, a savings loan from payroll for study, home, vehicle, or portfolio purchase; Credipóliza, a loan to finance insurance policies, such as private vehicles, public, insurance against fire and theft, Copropiedades, and home insurance; and Crediuno, a credit card.


Year Founded: 2002

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Banking, Lending, Loans, Insurance, InsurTech, Credit Cards


Total Funding: $34M

Investor: Gramercy Funds Management



A technology company that has developed the leading Influencer Marketing platform in Latin America. FLUVIP is dedicated to connecting brands with top social media influencers across such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat.


Year Founded: 2013

Specialities: Advertising, AdTech, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Apps, Photo Sharing, ML


Total Funding: $7.5M

Investors: isneros Group, Velum Ventures, Wayra and TheVentureCity


12. La Haus:

A residential marketplace with a vision developing technological solutions to make the process of buying a home radically better and faster, from search to purchase. La Haus is transforming the protech industry with world class technology, data, and service in favor of the consumer.


Year Founded: 2017

Specialities: Internet, Real Estate, Marketplace, PropTech, Payments, Housing


Total Funding: $6.4M

Investors: Kaszek Ventures, NFX, Brian Requarth, & David Velez


13. BEWE:

A SaaS for SMB, BEWE is the marketplace, where it help users find the best centers in their city and the showcase where our associated businesses access new customers. 


Year Founded: 2016

Specialities: SaaS, Internet, Mobile Apps, Marketplace


Total Funding: $6.3M

Investors: Seaya Ventures, DILA Capital Mountain Nazca, VARIV Capital etc


14. Leal:

A digital platform for retailers in Latin America to identify, engage and reward their most valuable customers. Leal is the only information platform in LATAM that leverages effective loyalty programs to allow brick and mortar merchants to truly understand who their customers are, what they buy, and what they are saying about their brands.


Year Founded: 2016

Specialities: Information Services, Internet, Loyalty Program, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, SaaS, Big Data, ML


Total Funding: $4.5M

Investor: FCP Emprendimiento e Innovación SP


15. MO Tecnologias:

A fintech company that has developed an innovative credit scoring model that evaluates potential customers based on behavioral data, without the need to access any personal information. MO Tecnologias offers a proprietary credit scoring technology & loan management platform that allows its business partners, Financial Institutions, Service Companies and other Fintechs, to offer new credit products to consumers & merchants with no access to traditional credit.


Year Founded: 2016

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Consumer Lending, Credit, Micro Lending, Loans, Payments, Analytics, AI, ML


Total Funding: $5M

Investors: NA


16. Simetrik:

A fintech startup delivering control and visibility over your company's financial transactions through automatic reconciliation. Simetrik's tech stack is a data vaccum that extracts, normalizes, runs quality checks and reconciles transactional data.


Year Founded: 2017

Specialities: Fintech, Financial Control, SaaS, BI, Data Quality, Analytics


Total Funding: $1.9M

Investors: Y Combinator, Global Founders Capital, Monashees, & Alpha4 Ventures


17. Aflore:

A direct sales network for financial services for those outside of the formal banking sector. Aflore is built on informal loan networks, identifying people in the communities that are a model of good financial behavior and empowering them to be them who, on behalf of Aflore, distribute the credits within their circle of trust.


Year Founded: 2013

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Loans, Advising


Total Funding: $10.9M

Investor: Polymath Ventures


18. Vozy:

A voice communication platform that helps businesses and customers to engage in productive conversations. Vozy combines voice technologies, AI, Machine Learning, NLP and humans to handle interactions more efficiently with frictionless experiences that allow your customers to self-serve and seamlessly escalate to a human agent when needed.


Year Founded: 2016

Specialities: SaaS, Consumer Engagement, AI, ML, NLP, Voice Recognition


Total Funding: $460K

Investors: Magma Partners, Parallel18, Impulsum Ventures, Troopa etc.


19. Tpaga:

A payment solution for unbanked consumers in Latin America. It enables consumers to receive and spend money through their cellphone. Tpaga allows consumers to store money via cash kiosk ( 4,000 in our network) and then use it to pay utility bills, cell phone top-up, supermarket and even gas station merchants.


Year Founded: 2015

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Banking, Payments, Mobile Apps, Digital Banking


Total Funding: $5.1M

Investors: Y Combinator, Hack VC, Kairos, Greyhound Capital etc.


20. MUY:

A FoodTech company in Colombia working to make food fast and affordable with technology. MUY's technology optimizes processes inside the restaurant, which raises standards and connects all its users with its VERY experience. MUY's purpose is to allow all Latin Americans have access to good and cheap food.


Year Founded: 2017

Specialities: Restaurants, Food and Beverage, Retail Tech


Total Funding: $5M

Investor: Seaya Ventures


21. Picap:

A ride-hailing service provider that helps people to request a ride-sharing service through their mobile phone. Picap connects people who require a means of transportation and people with motorcycles or cars who want to share their vehicle and earn additional income in the process.


Year Founded: 2016

Specialities: Internet, Apps, Ride Sharing, Transportation


Total Funding: $2.5M

Investors: Signia Venture Partners, Unpopular Ventures, Venture University etc.


22. MUVO:

A dockless ride sharing startup that aims to solve one of the major pain points for people in the region: commuting. MUVO is revolutionizing the way Latin Americans use transportation, reducing time spent commuting and pollution by providing a different way to travel in the city and promoting a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.


Year Founded: 2014

Specialities: Internet, Apps, Ride Sharing, Transportation


Total Funding: Undisclosed

Investors: Kairos, Tpaga, & Auteco


23. Fitpal.:

A fitness platform that offers a monthly membership that gives you unlimited access to over 500 gyms in Colombia. Fitpal is on a mission to offer unlimited access to any Gyms and Fitness Centers anywhere, anytime.


Year Founded: 2016

Specialities: Fitness, Training, Mobile Apps, Wellness


Total Funding: $1M

Investors: InQlab & Condor


24. Merqueo: 

An online-based grocery delivery company in Colombia. Merqueo is a 100% local enterprise that seeks to change the way people make their Market at the best price and without leaving home.


Year Founded: 2015

Specialities: Internet, E-Commerce, Retail, Grocery


Total Funding: $16M

Investors: Portland Private Equity, Mountain Nazca, Endeavor Catalyst and Velum Ventures


25. Truora:

An online platform that allows you to do fast and reliable background checks in Latin America to help you reduce fraud. Truora works closely with Latin American clients in order to provide them with a fast, innovative and safe solution in background checks and identity theft detection.


Year Founded: 2018

Specialities: Internet, Security, Developer Platform, Background Checks, Identity Theft, Retail, Process Automation, Fraud Detection


Total Funding: NA

Investors: Y Combinator & Magma Partners