The 20 Best Startups Revolutionizing The Argentine Tech Ecosystem!

: January 13, 2020

These Are The 20 Best Startups In Argentina You Should Known About!


Argentina, a home to some of the largest company in Latin America, such as: Mercado Libre, Globant, OLX, and Despegar. The country has become one of the most attractive markets and incubators for startups.


Argentina, despite a long history of economic instability and financial crises, entrepreneurs are continually developing new ideas to overcome these challenges and drive the country forward. And as a result the country is continiously producing new innovative startups.


Here Is A List Of The Best 20 Startups From Argentina:



1. Ualá:

A personal financial management mobile app linked to a Mastercard prepaid card that allows users to conduct financial transactions, such as, transferring money and making payments and purchases, both in Argentina and abroad. Ualá offers its users an innovative and integrated experience, including the unbanked population in the financial system providing more convenient and lower cost services than other alternatives.


Year Founded: 2017

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Personal Finances, Financial Transactions, Money Transfers, Bill Payments, Loans, Mobile Apps


Total Funding: $194M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Softbank, Tencent, Soros Management Fund, Jefferies, Bessemer Ventures Partners, Point72 , Greyhound Capital, Goldman Sachs, Ribbit Capital, and others.


Ualá already carries more than 1,000,000 cards issued in Argentina. The company has partnerships with companies such as Netflix, delivery start-up Rappi and Spotify, which it plans to strengthen over time.



2. Satellogic: 

A geospatial analytics company specialized in Earth-observation satellites. Satellogic is the first vertically integrated geospatial analytics company that drives real outcomes with planetary-scale insights you can trust.


Year Founded: 2010

Specialities: Aerospace, Space, Geospatial Analytics, Observation Satellites, AI, Constellation, Data Science, Image Analysis


Total Funding: $127M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Tencent, Pitanga, IDB Lab and others.


Satellogic made Argentina's first two nanosatelites, CubeBug-1 (nickname El Capitán Beto, COSPAR 2013-018D, launched 26.04.2013 on a CZ-2D(2) rocket) and CubeBug-2 (nickname Manolito. The has eight satellites in orbit and plans to launch 16 satellites in 2020, with the first two scheduled to launch from China in mid-January.



3. Ripio:

A leading bitcoin and digital payments company in Latin America's fintech ecosystem. Ripio is the first company of its kind to offer credit and online payment services, an effort that makes them the main financial inclusion and digital economy supporters in the region.


Year Founded: 2013

Specialities: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech, Financial Services, Payments, Lending, Digital Payments


Total Funding: $44.4M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Draper Associates, Maple Ventures and others.


Ripio's main product Bitcoin wallet currently has over 150,000 users.



4. Afluenta: 

A network of collaborative finance in Latin America, where thousands of people invest in loans of other thousands of people. Afluenta develops innovative lending products delivering disruptive customer experiences, which help people handle their finances in fair way.


Year Founded: 2010

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Investments, P2P, Lending, Loans, Commercial Credits, Credits, Financing


Total Funding: $25.5M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: International Finance Corporation (IFC), Elevar Equity, NXTP Labs and others.


Afluenta has built a world class technology and solid track record in the challenging Latin American economies to demonstrate that the peer-to-peer business model works and effectively delivers value to both borrowers and lenders.



5. RSK Labs: 

Powered by IOV Labs, is the first open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin that also rewards the Bitcoin miners via merge-mining, allowing them to actively participate in the Smart Contract revolution. RSK Labs enables decentralized applications secured by the Bitcoin Network to empower people and improve the quality of life of millions.


Year Founded: 2015

Specialities: SaaS, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Bitcoin, Microlending, FinTech, Mining Technology, Decentralized Network, Digital Currency


Total Funding: $7.3M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Bitmain Technology, Coinsilium, Digital Currency Group and others.


RSK connects the two most successful blockchain platforms built to date – Bitcoin and Ethereum – to enable new smart contracting capabilities. RSK currently achieves 400 payment transactions per second, compared to bitcoin, which only handles only around seven.



6. Brubank:  

A financial service company, authorized by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic. Brubank allows you to live a new experience with your silver in a simple and transparent way. Much more dynamic and intelligent and with no hidden costs or fine print. With what you need from a bank, without what you don't like from a bank.


Year Founded: 2017

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Digital Banking, Payments, Money Transfers, Mobile Apps


Brubank associates all its users accounts to a Visa debit card. It also offers exchange service between United States dollars and Argentine pesos and time deposits in those currencies.



7. Emi Labs: 

An AI recruitment assistant for enterprises hiring lots of low-skilled workers. Emi Labs leverages AI to shorten hiring cycles, to make the process more efficient and to increase recruiter productivity while giving the candidate a better experience, improving the company’s brand as an employer.


Year Founded: 2017

Specialities: AI, ML, HR, Virtual Assistants, Recruiting, Hiring, Recruitment, HR, Messaging, Automation


Total Funding: $2M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator and others.


Emi Labs is revolutionizing the recruitment process across Latin America, automating the initial stages of the recruitment cycle, saving HR departments both money and time.



8. Increase: 

A world class FinTech company that empowers businesses with a wide group of solutions. Increase App promotes business with technological products focused on finance and connecting it's customers.


Year Founded: 2014

Specialities: FinTech, Financial Services, Payments, Analytics, Process Automationn, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cashflow, Business Transformation


Total Funding: $3M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Rise of the Rest, Mercado Libre Fund, and Agrega Partners.


IncreaseCard and IncreaseConciliation allow more than 25. 000 businesses from Latam control their cashflow, reconciliation processes and accounting. Increase serves more than 25,000 businesses across Argentina, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.



9. Glamit:

An e-commerce company that features an overall solution for the apparel/accessories and fashion brands that want to sell their products online. Glamit develops the official e-Shops of each of it's clients and think winning strategies that maximize their sales.


Year Founded: 2011

Specialities: Internet, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Retail, Shopping, Fashion, Apparel


Total Funding: $9M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: La Nacion, Mercado Libre Fund and others.


Glamit's goal is to become the main referent of the Latam apparel eCommerce, mainly in the 7 markets where it is already in; Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brasil, Mexico and Argentina.



10. Gi Fly: 

An electric, smartphone integrated, maintenance-free, folding bicycle that was created for the future of urban commuting. Gi Fly is the fastest folding bicycle ever. All of the bike's features are controlled through the Gi Fly mobile app.


Year Founded: 2014

Specialities: Urban Mobility, Transportation, Electrical Engineering, Bicycles, Hardware, Manufacturing, Mobile Application


Total Funding: $2.5M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Jeff Vinik, Bill Gates' Cascade Investment Group and others.


Gi Fly has built partnerships with Incutex, Goodwin Procter, Ribcap, Santex and New as well as an incredible mobile app. TUV, the Technical Inspection Association, now ensures that Gi FlyBike complies with European laws for electric bikes.



11. Workana: 

A digital space to connect professionals with small businesses to enterprise, and organizations. Workana offers access to thousands of curated developers, designers, online marketers and more, providing Escrow protection and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Year Founded: 2012

Specialities: Internet, Marketplace, E-Commerce, Outsourcing, Employment, Freelancing


Total Funding: $12.2M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: SEEK Ltd., Eigenvalue, Marco Giberti, Shaun Abrahamson, Dmgt, Santiago Schettini and others.


Workana’s approach has a lot in common with Freelancer, oDesk and PeoplePerHour: it connects Latin American freelancers with companies looking for temp staff that can execute remote projects.



12. Aivo: 

An omnichannel customer service solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence. Aivo develops customer support software solutions with artificial intelligence technologies that transform the way companies and customers interact.


Year Founded: 2012

Specialities: SaaS, AI, Customer Service, Virtual Agents, Agentbot, Chatbots, Customer Care, Digital Channels, Cognitive Computing, Big Data, ML, KPIs


Total Funding: $1.5M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Inspirit Angels, Juan Manuel Collado, Tomas Pando, Luciano Nicora and others.


Aivo handled over 120 million conversations in English, Spanish and Portuguese, in 2018. The company is expanding globally, with a current focus on Telecom & Cable, FinTech, Online Services, Utilities and Government clients. Aivo has a broad customer base that includes Sony, AIG, Visa, GM, LG, Movistar, América Movil, among others.



13. S4 Agtech: 

A data gathering and analytics company that provides risk management solutions to financial, agribusiness, and farming players. S4 Agtech is using Google Cloud to speed up data analytics for farmers to improve crop yields and other agricultural innovations.


Year Founded: 2011

Specialities: AgTech, Farming, Agriculture, FinTech, Risk Management, Big Data, Data Analytics, Financial Services


Total Funding: $2.4M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Syngenta Ventures, Cultivation Capital, BioGenerator, Six Thirty Accelerator, The Yield Lab and others.


S4's products include, S4 Indices, are used to estimate yields, and to generate systemic climate risk coverage solutions, such as Coverageindex®, climate insurance or commercial packs with climate protection incorporated. S4Go changes the focus of the conversation among companies and their customers.



14. SINERGIUM Biotech: 

A biopharmaceutical company specializing in the research, development, production and marketing of high complexity vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. SINERGIUM Biotech implements and develops new approaches and techniques to generate solutions that add value.


Year Founded: 2011

Specialities: BioTech, Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Antigen, Plant Production


Sinergium Biotech owns a 20,000 sqm production facility located in Garin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with state-of-the-art technology aligned with the highest quality standards. Sinergium Biotech is currently manufacturing more than 13 million doses of different vaccines, including for seasonal influenza, pneumococcal and HPV.



15. Bitgenia:

A bioinformatics company that provides integral solutions for the processing and use of NGS data. Bitgenia is at the forefront, accompanying the phenomenon called convergence, the union of three disciplines: biology, computer science and engineering.


Year Founded: 2015

Specialities: BioTech, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing, Big Data, AI


Bitgenia promotes the application of new technologies in the health universe through the bioinformatic analysis and processing of genomic data in it's _B Platform to convert them into valuable information and contribute to an accurate diagnosis in diseases of genetic origin.



16. Sirena: 

A high tech product company that designs and develops products like humanoid robots. Sirena develops technology that simplifies communication between businesses and customers.


Year Founded: 2016

Specialities: SaaS, Communication, Real State, Insurance, FinTech, Lead Management


Total Funding: $4M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Dalus Capital, NXTP Labs, Kiviranta and others.


Sirena's primary clients are companies such as Volkswagen, Sura Insurance, and a large number of car dealerships, insurance companies, real estate and finance companies.




An autonomous point of sales using computer vision technology. Intuitivo develops hardware and software that can basically transform any fridge or container into an autonomous point of sale.


Year Founded: 2019

Specialities: AI, Retail, Retail Tech, POS, Computer Vision, ML, Scanning Technology, QR Code


Total Funding: $1M, as of Jan 13, 2020


Intuitivo’s smart tech can also be placed in traditional retailers to speed up the shopping process. The company partners up with big-name companies like Coca-Cola to install their technology in their fridges.



18. Checkars: 

An online marketplace for buying and selling used cars in Latin America, without the hassle. Checkars brings transparency and an unrivaled customer experience to the industry. The company guarantees the quality of our cars and we are transparent and clear in the real costs at every step.


Year Founded: 2018

Specialities: Internet, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Automobiles, Used Cars, Buying, Selling


Total Funding: $1.3M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: Jaguar Ventures, Luis Ureta Sáenz former CEO of Peugeot, Matias Rechia from IguanaFix and Alejandro Ayestaran from


Checkars currently focuses on strengthening and consolidating in Buenos Aires, the startup certainly doesn’t discard the idea of expanding to neighboring Chile. In fact, it plans to land in Santiago next year.



19. Worcket: 

A job search platform built on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Worcket is based on a swipe, match, and chat experience. Its ultimate goal is to replace written resumes and job descriptions with their video version.


Year Founded: 2017

Specialities: Internet, HR Tech, Job Search, AI, ML, NLP, Candidate Sourcing, Screening, Automation, Analytics, APIs, Integration


Total Funding: $1.5M, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investor: NXTP Ventures


Worcket helps you spend less time finding your ideal match from 60% to 90%, improves the quality of your candidates, reduces staff turnover and high costs to your company. Worcket changes Human Resources recruitment process through video interviews in an assertive and efficient way.



20. Moova: 

A technological platform that captures idle logistic capacity and transforms it into high efficiency and low cost shipping solutions. Moova offers online sellers a last-mile logistics solution through the flexible & collaborative use of idle logistics capacity, allowing them to grow their sales and delight their customers.


Year Founded: 2018

Specialities: Internet, Logistics, Marketplace, Shipping, Last Mile Delivery, Dashboards, APIs, Integration


Total Funding: $685K, as of Jan 13, 2020

Investors: FJ Labs, Alec Oxenford, and Antonio Migliore.


Moova's platform connects E-Commerce and retail businesses with a fleet of independent "Moovers" who complete deliveries on their bicycle, motorcycle, car or van to generate an additional source of income.