40 Cool Startups in Mexico You Should Know About!

: December 29, 2017

40 Coolest Startups in Mexico That You Should Know About!


Mexico has truly taken off their Startups Ecosystem. Considering the low number of Giant companies that the country has ever produced, Mexico has introduced some of the coolest Startups ever. Two of the Fintech Startups (Kueski & Zaveapp) made the 2017 Fintech100 List as a reward. The country also has produced a few of the largest retail startups that are being recognized in the global stage.


Nothing tells the story of how the Mexican tech ecosystem is steaming ahead in Latin America quite like the rise of fintech.- Techcrunch


Here Is A List Of 40 Coolest Startups In Mexico:



1. Kueski:


Kueski is the online lender for the Middle Class of Mexico and Latin America. The company uses big data and advanced analytics to approve and deliver loans in a matter of minutes. Simple, paperless and available 24/7, Kueski is the most convenient lending platform for those who need an immediate loan. Kueski has become the fastest growing platform of its kind in the region and has already granted thousands of loans.

Kueski ranks 47th on the 2017 Fintech100 List.



2. Linio:


An e-commerce company that offers a wide variety of products online in many categories. Linio provides home electronics, technology products, mobiles, entertainment products, home appliances, fashion, sporting goods, babies and toys, books, and personal care products. It brings online consumer retail services to some of the fastest growing Latin American markets.

Total Funding: $230.5M in 6 rounds(to Date)   



3. Konfio:


An online lending platform that helps micro-businesses in Latin America who don't have access to credit obtain affordable loans, thanks to a propriety algorithm that uses technology to measure creditworthiness.

Total Funding: $18M in 3 rounds (series B), as of Oct 11, 2017   



4. kubo financiero:


P2P Lending Platform regulated by local authorities including The Bank of México, CNBV (equivalent to the SEC in the US) and CONDUSEF. Kubo initiated operations in 2012 and has grown quickly.

Total Funding: $11.2M in 3 rounds (Series A), as of Aug 4, 2016



5. Coru:


An online platform that offers free access to online comparison tables for credit cards, auto insurance and personal loans, as well as guides and articles related to personal finance, all focused on saving time and money.

Total Funding: $11M in 2 rounds (Series A), as of Jun 21, 2017



6. Conekta:


Conekta is one of the most popular payment gateways in Mexico. Customers can make payments via credit, debit, cash, and interest-free deferred payments from banks like Banorte, Santander, Banjercito, HSBC, and many more.

Total Funding: $8.6M in 5 rounds (series A), as of Oct 25, 2016   



7. Petsy:


A petcare products e-tailer that offers the widest selection of products across a broad variety of pet types. Petsy helps its customers avoid the hassle of walking to and from the store and the convenience of having the widest assortment of pet supplies in the country right at their fingertips.

Total Funding: $3.7M in 5 rounds (series A), as of Jan 5, 2017   



8. Lavadero:


Lavadero is a combination of laundry, dry-cleaning, and ironing services in Mexico City. Through its web and mobile app, it takes care of customers’ dirty laundry, picking up, and delivering it at their home or office premises.

Estimated Yearly Revenue: $422.5K(2017)   



9. Gaudena


Gaudena is a shoes and accesories e-commerce platform focused on delivering a unique customer experience: wide variety of shoes, website functionality, immediacy in delivery and great customer service.

Total Funding: $8.09M in 5 rounds, as of Feb 1, 2015   



10. Kichink:


Kichink! is an ecommerce solution that is designed and built to be as simple, intelligent, personal and safe as possible to allow anyone to start selling in minutes, without upfront investment.

Estimated Yearly Revenue: $89.9K(2017)



11. Enlight Mexico


Enlight offers solar energy in Mexico in a personalized, reliable and simple way. The company commercialize systems of solar panels and photovoltaic cells. Enlight México is the passion for technology and the environment come together. The energy consumed by our customers is cleaner.

Total Funding: $5.6M in 2 rounds (Series B), as of Feb 15, 2017   



12. WePow


Wepow connects recruiters, job candidates and employers through easy-to-use mobile and video interviewing solutions. Hundreds of organizations including Adidas, Lenovo, and Box rely on Wepow’s video and communications platform to improve recruiter productivity, deliver engaging candidate experiences, and make the right hires.

Total Funding: $5.4M in 4 rounds, as of Sep 1, 2014   



13. Zaveapp:


Zave App is a money-saving application that enables its users to save their change and travel around the world. It was launched in June 2015 in Mexico.

Total Funding: $18.4K in 1 rounds, as of Sep 1, 2014


Zave App makes the 100th place on the 2017 Fintech100 List.



14. Dentalia:


Dentalia is the leading dental health services company in Mexico as well as the fastest growing. It offers dental health solutions for individuals, businesses and governments through fixed clinics and mobile clinics with coverage nationwide.

Total Funding: $5.58M in 1 round (Series A), as of Sep 12, 2016   



15. Mercadoni:


Mercadoni, a grocery delivery app and service operating in Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. The App lets you order groceries for delivery, in a promised turn-around of under an hour.

Total Funding: $8.2M in 2 rounds (Series A), as of Jun 6, 2017   



16. SrPago:


A mobile point of sale (MPOS) system that enables users to have access to banking-related services via a chip-based debit card, a card reader that connects to any smartphone or tablet, and an app for managing transactions.

Total Funding: $5.1M in 2 rounds (series A), as of Nov 23, 2016   



17. Bitso:


A cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to exchange Bitcoin and Ether for Mexican Pesos. Users can deposit and withdraw MXN through the Ripple Gateway among others. Bitso is committed to developing efficient financial services in Mexico.

Total Funding: $4.3M in 3 rounds (Series A), as of Sep 28, 2016   



18. Frogtek:


A Technology company that offers software solutions for small shopkeepers and stores in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain. Frogtek offers Tiendatek, a point-of-sale software application that allows micro-retailers to record various store expenses and revenues directly on a mobile phone or tablet; and Tiendatek Data, a marketing analytics tool.

Total Funding: $2.9M in 3 rounds, as of Jul 27, 2015   



19. Carrot Mexico:


Carrot is Mexico's first car sharing service that provides fuel-efficient automobile reservations to members, billable by the hour or day. The company was founded in Mar 8, 2012 by Diego Solorzano & Jimena Pardo and is based in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

Total Funding: $2.01M in 4 rounds (Series B), as of Sep 21, 2016


20. TiZKKA:


TiZKKA is a fashion and lifestyle platform that helps you dress better and grow your fashion know-how, on your path to becoming a fashionista. Within the fashion community users get inspired by discovering the latest trends, share their looks and receive advice from fashionistas.

Total Funding: $1.3M in 3 rounds (Seed Funding), as of Oct 31, 2016



21. Bebitos:


A top baby related eCommerce company in Mexico that sells the best baby-related and offers the broadest range of product categories; from diapers and formula to clothing, cribs and strollers.

Total Funding: $1.2M in 2 rounds, as of Dec 2017



22. Prestadero:


A peer-to-peer lending platform in Mexico that transforms the banking system to make credit more affordable. Prestadero offers competitive rates for both borrowers and lenders, passing the savings on to borrowers in the form of lower rates that traditional bank lending, and to investors in the form of solid returns.

Total Funding: $909K in 2 rounds (series B), as of Jul 7, 2014   



23. Salud Fácil:


A marketplace for health related micro loans. The company provides financing for patients at the base of the economic pyramid to gain access to healthcare and medical services at low interest rates. Salud Fácil finances all types of medical procedures addressing the need for quality and affordable care in a market where out-of-pocket healthcare costs represent 52% of total healthcare costs (highest in OEDC) and only 5% of the population can afford private insurance.

Total Funding: $1.03M in 3 rounds (seed), as of Jan 20, 2016   



24. VoxFeed:


VoxFeed is a marketplace where brands reward influencers for talking about them. Influencers create and promote custom content that is aligned with the interests of their followers and are rewarded based on the quality and quantity of the response. Advertisers pays results base on achieved performance which is measurable in detail.

Total Funding: $50K in 2 rounds (seed), as of Feb 10, 2015



25. Inkuvi:


Inkuvi has as a central idea to make the search process of your new property a practical, safe and innovative experience.



26. Urbvan:


Urbvan is a private collective transport app that offers a comfortable, economical and safe service through executive vans. It allows you to travel to your destination and return safely, quickly and fun.



27. Econduce:


A Mexico-City based electric motorcycle scooter startup. Econduce developed an electronic platform in which users subscribe and obtain in exchange a card with which they can reserve a scooter that they will later take from one of the stations that the company has in the city and where there are also electric chargers for scooters.



28. Byeo:


An App based startup that combines organizing tools and social profile, so you can be prepared as you live for the moment of your death. With ByeO consumers can organize their affairs before that moment happen, in an easy, fun and safety way.



29. 99 minutos:


99 minutos is a product delivery services company that takes care of all the logistics to take your product to your client's hands, in less than 99 minutes. It is the fastest shipping for online shopping in Mexico.



30. Everbots:


Everbots is an AI startup that provides a software layer which allows businesses to incorporate drone technology in business for free. It empowers global businesses to improve decision-making, reduce operating costs, and optimize delivery times, with: Advanced robotics, Infinite processing power and valuable High fidelity video.