15 Coolest Startup in Oklahoma City You Should Know!

: May 28, 2019

These Are The 15 Coolest Startup in Oklahoma City That You Should Know!




Oklahoma City, a home to two Fortune 500 companies, Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy. It has also produced many other large companies in the oil, energy, and software industries. However the startup scene in OKC doesn't have much success and it's startups are strugling to attract insvestors. Except Paycom, an online payroll and human resource technology provider based in OKC, that went public in April 2014.


That said, the city has taken a lot of initiatives and the tech scene are growing at a rapid pace. And given the large number of talented entrepreneurs and the diverse culture, Oklahoma City can become the hub for many exciting startups in no time.


Here Are The List of 15 Coolest Startup in OKC:



1. Oseberg:


Oseberg is a next-generation oil & gas information and data analytics company that offers a compelling new approach to rapidly convert public regulatory and county-level data into actionable intelligence. The company develops a Web-based analytics software that allows oil and gas explorers to find, sort, and scour various public fillings for insights in Oklahoma and Texas. 


Year founded: 2009

Specialities: Analytics, Big Data, SaaS, Energy Tech, Top Energy Tech Startup, Oil, Gas, BI, APIs, Mapping Technology, Data Visualization, Stats etc.



2. Connect Midstream:


Connect Midstream, operates as a midstream energy company. The Company provides natural gas gathering, processing, treating, and compression, as well as crude oil gathering, storage, transportation, naphtha blending, produced water gathering, and marketing services. Connect Midstream is focused on creating value for oil and gas producers, both small and large, by providing industry-leading midstream solutions.


Year founded: 2017

Specialities: Chemical, Energy, Innovation Management, Oil, Gas



3. Moleculera Labs:


A privately-held autoimmune neurobiology company whose objective is to discover and deliver advanced testing services for children and adults suffering from treatable autoimmune central nervous system disorders. Moleculera Labs deliver next-generation antibody tests that detect whether an autoimmune reaction is causing neurologic or psychiatric symptoms.


Year founded: 2011

Specialities: Biotech, Health Diagnostics, Medical


4. Whiteboard CRM:


Whiteboard CRM (a division of Whiteboard Technology) is a fast-growing SaaS provider of CRM software specifically created for the mortgage industry. It is built exclusively to accelerate lead management, partner relationships, team production, and revenue growth.


Year founded: 2014

Specialities: SaaS, CRM, Mortgages, Lead Management, Partner Relationships, B2B



5. Exaptive


Exaptive is an ecosystem for creating knowledge from data, enabling developers and facilitating innovation through cognitive networks. Exaptive helps researchers and technologists working on a shared problem. Exaptive operates on the understanding that great innovations require unconventional thinking and that such thinking can be actively facilitated.


Year founded: 2011

Specialities: Analytics, Big Data, Data Visualization, Innovation Management, Data Discovery, Data Science, Knowledge Management



6. TokenEx


A cloud-based data security company that offers virtually unlimited flexibility in how customers can access, store, and secure data. TokenEx provides solutions for coupling Tokenization (data security), encryption, and key management for ensuring secure data. It specializes in the Tokenization (data security) of sensitive customer data.


Year founded: 2010

Specialities: SaaS, dSaaS, Cybersecurity, Payments, Data Security, PCI Compliance, Data Encryption, Fraud Prevention



7. Monscierge


Monscierge is an international interactive software company that helps hotels connect today’s savvy traveler to the trusted local recommendations they seek on-site and on-the-go. Monscierge provides a mobile software platform that allows hotel staffs to communicate with guests and with each other through large-screen kiosks in the lobby, smart phones, tablets, and the Apple Watch.


Year founded: 2009

Specialities: SaaS, Hospitality, Travel, Tours, Hotels, Reputation Management



8. Tailwind


Tailwind is the leading Visual Marketing platform that helps over 400,000 brands and small businesses drive ROI on Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind is the easiest way to schedule and automatically publish posts to Pinterest and Instagram at the best times for engagement.


Year founded: 2012

Specialities: Social Media Marketing, Pinterest Analytics, Pinterest Marketing, Instagram Monitoring, Pinterest Management, Instagram Analytics, Content Marketing



9. Flywheel Energy:


Flywheel Energy, formerly known as Valorem Energy, is a privately held oil and natural gas exploration and production company. It focuses on exploration, production, and operation of oil and gas properties. It creates long-term value through data and technology driven innovation and decision making in the development of oil and gas assets.


Year founded: 2017

Specialities: Energy, Oil, Gas, Renewable Energy, Big Data



10. Progentec Diagnostics


A developer of technological innovations in the field of diagnostics. The company is committed to exploring and commercializing state of the art diagnostic interventions along with digital and social. Progentec Diagnostics is collaborating with a number of research institutions and individuals around the world engaged in bringing the latest technological innovations to the field of diagnostics.


Year founded: 2015

Specialities: Biotech, Health Diagnostics, Medical, Therapeutics, Mobile Apps



11. Human Mode


A research and technology company focused on advancements in XR technology (Virtual and Augmented Reality) as well as Artificial Intelligence. Human Mode operates primarily in a research capacity and is organized to facilitate progressive work on long term projects where commercialization is often possible, but still a number of years away.


Year founded: 2018

Specialities: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality



12. Linear Health Sciences


Linear Health Sciences is a medical device company creating products for various types of medical tubing based on its proprietary, breakaway safety-valve technology. The company develops cutting-edge innovative technology to prevent unwanted disconnection of medical tubing from patients. 


Year founded: 2015

Specialities: Health Care, Medical, Medical Device, MedTech



13. Biolytx Pharmaceuticals


Biolytx is an emerging drug development company confronting the crisis in antibiotic (AB) drug resistance through the advancement of a suite of antimicrobial peptide drug candidates for the treatment of serious pathogens with no current therapeutic options.


Year founded: 2012

Specialities: Biotech, Health Care, Medical, Pharmaceuticals



14. SendaRide


SendaRide is the safest, most reliable, and quickest way to schedule a ride for non-emergency medical patients, the elderly, and children & preteens. It provides Customized, Concierge Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for the Healthcare Industry. Sendaride owns and operates a platform which provides transportation to non-emergency medical patients, the elderly, and children.


Year founded: 2016

Specialities: Transportation, Rideshare, Health Care, Medical



15. Cytovance Biologics


Cytovance® Biologics is a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing company specializing in the production of therapeutic proteins and antibodies from both mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation. Cytovance Biologics was acquired by Hepalink on Oct 7, 2015 for a staggering $206M.


Year founded: 2005

Specialities: Biotechnology, Analytics, Manufacturing, Process Development, Cell Development, Microbiology