14 Cool Startups From Colombia You Should Know!

14 Amazing Startups In Colombia That You Should Know About!


Colombia is becoming one of Latin America's most promising startup hub. Even though the country's startups faces a real lack of VCs, Private & Public investors. But without a question, that this circumstances are changing and it's startup scene is maturing.



Although the investment backing for the country's startup is still in it's early stage. But some company has really managed to secure a significant amount of funding. Take for example LifeMiles, with $343.7M in funding is the top funded startup in Colombia. And couple of other startups has raised over $100M in funding.


Here Is The List Of 14 Remarkable Startups In Colombia:


1. LifeMiles:


Year Founded: 2011

A leading airline driven Loyalty Program and Avianca Airline´s Frequent Flyer Program. Lifemiles is the unified and improved frequent flyer program for Avianca and TACA. The company is focused on providing benefits beyond airfare: hotels, car rental, financial Institutions, and Shopping with LifeMiles.

Specialties: Air Transportation, Loyalty Programs, Public Transportation

Total Funding: $343.7M in a single "Private Equity" type funding, to date.
Last Funding: "Private Equity" on Jul 13, 2015
Lead Investor: Advent International


2. Rappi:


Year Founded: 2015

A mega high growth consumer tech StartUp looking to be the everything store of Latin America. Rappi is a marketplace that connects users who want to purchase prepared foods, groceries, clothes, and more. It is the easiest way to buy from the corner store, supermarket or your favorite local restaurant.

Specialties: Food Delivery, Grocery, Marketplace, Restaurants

Total Funding: $193.8M in 8 funding rounds, in 8 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Jan 24, 2018, "Venture- Series Unknown"
Lead Investors: Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz & Delivery Hero


3. Fluz Fluz:


Year Founded: 2016

A digital shopping platform that allows its members (the fluzzers) the grouping of their purchasing power to obtain benefits without changing their consumption habits. Fluz Fluz invites consumers to take advantage of their social networks and current connectivity to generate residual income from purchases in the diverse range of shops, both online and traditional stores.

Specialties: Bitcoin, Blockchain, E-Commerce, Gift Card, Retail

Total Funding: $20M in 2 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Dec 7, 2017, "Initial Coin Offering" type
Lead Investor: Undisclosed


4. Mercadoni:


Year Founded: 2015

A grocery delivery app and service operating in Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. The App lets you order groceries for delivery, in a promised turn-around of under an hour. Mercadoni takes your purchases from the supermarket at home with immediate delivery, from the best stores, pharmacies, markets and more, in the city.

Specialties: Delivery, Grocery, Internet

Total Funding: $17.2M in 3 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Jan 5, 2018, "Series A" round
Lead Investors: Axon Partners Group & Movile

Acquisition: Acquired Notlazy on Apr 14, 2016




Year Founded: 2012

A digital company that maps cities and citizens by crowdsourcing location data to drive transactions between consumers, merchants and brands. CÍVICO is currently up and running in México City, Bogotá and Santiago with more than 4 million monthly active users using our apps and web, 800,000 crowdsourced places in its database and 50,000 crowdsourcer´s mapping their cities.

Specialties: Local, Local Advertising, Location Based Services, Mobile, Search Engine

Total Funding: $9.7M in 3 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Sep 1, 2016, "Venture- Series Unknown"
Investors: Undisclosed


6. BEWE:


Year Founded: 2016

BEWE (formerly miora) is a marketplace, where it help users find the best centers in their city and the showcase where our associated businesses access new customers.

Specialties: SAAS, Internet, Software, App, and Marketplace

Total Funding: $4M in 1 funding round, to date
Last Funding: On Oct 7, 2015, "Venture- Series Unknown"
Lead Investors: Seaya Ventures


7. TPaga:


Year Founded: 2015

A payment solution for unbanked consumers in Latin America. Enables consumers to receive and spend money through their cellphone. Tpaga is an app that will not stop until all the payment needs of Unbanked (End users) and companies that need to unify their collection means fighting against cash. The Tpaga Wallet is so functional and multifaceted that it will manage to disperse, pay and buy at the same time.

Specialties: online payments, credit card processing, pse, efecty, sift science, mobile payments, unbanked, and wallet

Total Funding: $3.6M in 7 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Nov 1, 2017, "Seed" funding
Lead Investors: Y Combinator


8. OFI:


Year Founded: 2014

A leading B2B e-Commerce company specializing in business supply products to SMBs via e-Commerce and Call Center. OFI.com.co is the first online portal in Colombia that offers the widest variety of products ranging from stationery, cafeteria, laptops, desktops, servers, networking, software licensing, to equipment leasing, outsourcing printing and cloud services for your office or business.

Specialties: Electronic Commerce and Technology Sales

Total Funding: $5M in 2 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Jan 18, 2017, "Series-A" funding
Lead Investors: Rise Capital


9. Liftit:


Year Founded: 2016

A startup that uses technology to connect the demand for cargo transportation with the supply of drivers and trucks available in the streets. Liftit's platform connects businesses that need cargo delivered with a local mover that has a truck. We do national, rural, and urban deliveries throughout Colombia.

Specialties: Internet, Logistics, Marketplace, Same Day Delivery, Transportation

Total Funding: $2M in 1 funding round, to date
Last Funding: On Sep 26, 2016, "Seed" funding
Lead Investors: GE32 Capital


10. Credivalores:


Year Founded: 2002

Credivalores is the non-bank financial company, leader in the origination of consumer loans in Colombia. It offers Tucrédito, a savings loan from payroll for study, home, vehicle, or portfolio purchase; Credipóliza, a loan to finance insurance policies, such as private vehicles, public, insurance against fire and theft, Copropiedades, and home insurance; and Crediuno, a credit card.

Specialties: Credit, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech

Total Funding: $34M in 1 funding round, to date
Last Funding: On Sep 29, 2014, "Venture-Series Unknown" funding
Lead Investors: Gramercy Funds Management


11. Fluvip:


Year Founded: 2013

A technology company that has developed a leading Influencer Marketing platform in Latin America. FLUVIP is dedicated to connecting brands with top social media influencers across such platforms as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat.

Specialties: Social Media Marketing, Marketing Digital, influence Marketing, Publicidad en Redes Sociales, Influenciadores, Influencer Marketing, and Content Marketing

Total Funding: $3M in 4 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Nov 26, 2015, "Venture-Series Unknown" funding
Lead Investors: Cisneros Group

Acquisition: Acquired Spark Inc on Sep 6, 2016


12. Merqueo:


Year Founded: 2015

An online-based grocery delivery company in Colombia. Merqueo is a 100% local enterprise that seeks to change the way people make their Market at the best price and without leaving home.

Specialties: Internet, e-commerce, Tech, and Grocery Retail

Total Funding: $2M in 2 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: On Nov 1, 2016, "Series A" funding
Investors: Mountain Nazca & Velum Ventures



13. mesfix:


Year Founded: 2014

A financial services company that connects companies with investors through crowdfactoring. Mesfix's web platform connects companies that need to finance themselves with people interested in investing.

Specialties: Factoring, Crowdfactoring, Inversión, Crowdfunding, Liquidez, Cuentas por Cobrar, Financiación, and Flujo de Caja

Total Funding: $1.2M in 1 funding round, to date
Last Funding: Oct 5, 2017, "Seed" funding
Investor: InQlab


14. Lentesplus:


Year Founded: 2014

A leader of contact lens online retailer for LATAM. Lentesplus is the first online contact lens store in Latin America. It offers the best market price with the greatest availability and convenience.

Specialties: contact lenses and ecommerce

Total Funding: $1M in 2 funding rounds, to date
Last Funding: Jul 17, 2017, "Series B" funding
Lead Investor: IGNIA