Best Cybersecurity Companies In Silicon Valley!

25 Best Cybersecurity Companies That Are Based In Silicon Valley!


Silicon Valley, the hub of innovations, home to many start-up and global technology companies. Apple, Facebook and Google are among the most prominent.


I’m a Silicon Valley guy. I just think people from Silicon Valley can do anything.
–Elon Musk


Silicon Valley (southern San Francisco Bay Area of California) has also incubated many exciting Cybersecurity companies that are playing a leading role in the IT Security industry.


Here Are The 25 Best Cybersecurity Companies Based In Silicon Valley!


1. Okta:

A provider of identity for the enterprise that securely connects enterprises to their partners, suppliers and customers. The Okta Identity Cloud connects and protects employees of many of the world’s largest enterprises. With deep integrations to over 5,000 apps, the Okta Identity Cloud enables simple and secure access from any device.

Total Funding: $229.3M in 7 funding rounds (as of Sep 8, 2015)
Valuation at IPO: $1.5B, on Apr 6, 2017
Acquisitions: Stormpath & SpydrSafe Mobile Security

Lead Investors: Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners & Andreessen Horowitz


2. Tanium:

Tanium is a security and systems management solution that allows real-time data collection at enterprise scale. It gives the world’s largest enterprises and government organizations the unique power to secure, control, and manage millions of endpoints across the enterprise within seconds.

Total Funding: $405.7M in 7 funding rounds (as of May 25, 2017)
Valuation: $3.75 as of May 25, 2017

Lead Investors: Andreessen Horowitz, VP (Institutional Venture Partners), TPG, TPG Growth, Franklin Templeton Investments, Geodesic Capital


3. Palo Alto Networks:

Palo Alto Networks is the next-generation security company, leading a new era in cybersecurity by safely enabling applications and preventing cyber breaches for thousands of organizations worldwide. The company is built with an innovative approach and highly differentiated cyber threat prevention capabilities, our game-changing security platform delivers security far superior to legacy or point products, safely enables daily business operations, and protects an organization’s most valuable assets.

Total Funding: $65M in 4 funding rounds as of Nov 3, 2008
Valuation at IPO: $2.8B, on Jul 20, 2012
Acquisitions: LightCyber, Morta Security, Cyvera & CirroSecure (to date)

Lead Investors: Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners, con Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners & Lehman Brothers


4. Lookout:

A cybersecurity company that makes it possible for individuals and enterprises to be both mobile and secure. Lookout’s flagship product is its mobile security apps for iOS and Android devices. Lookout apps include Antivirus Free – Lookout for Android and Lookout Mobile Security – Free for iOS. Plan B, an application that can be remotely installed to locate lost devices is available on Android.

Total Funding: $282.3M in 8 funding rounds (as of Feb 1, 2015)
Valuation: $1B, on Aug 13, 2014
Acquisitions: Acquired Bluebox on Apr 8, 2016

Lead Investors: Accel Partners, Index Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, T. Rowe Price & Deutsche Telekom


5. CrowdStrike:

CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity technology company that provides endpoint security, threat intelligence, and incident response services to customers in more than 170 countries.

Total Funding: $281M in 5 funding rounds (as of Oct 19, 2017)
Valuation: $1B, on May 17, 2017

Lead Investors: Accel Partners & CapitalG


6. Palantir:

Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private American software and services company headquartered in Palo Alto, California which specializes in big data analysis. It’s mission is to solve the most important problems for the world’s most important institutions.

Total Funding: $2.1B (as of Mar 1, 2017)
Valuation: $20B (2015)
Acquisitions: Kimono Labs, Inc., Silk, FT Technologies, Poptip, Propeller & Voicegem (to date)

Lead Investors: Founders Fund & Kortschak Investments, L.P.


7. Illumio:

A business data center and cloud computing security company that stops cyber threats by controlling the lateral movement of unauthorized communications through adaptive segmentation. It’s Adaptive Security Platform™ uniquely protects critical information with real-time application dependency mapping and micro-segmentation that works in any data center, public cloud, or across hybrid deployments on bare-metal, virtualization, and containers.

Total Funding: $267.5M in 4 funding rounds (as of Jun 7, 2017)
Valuation: $1B, on Jun 7, 2017

Lead Investors: Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, BlackRock & J.P. Morgan Asset Management


8. Netskope:

Netskope is the leader in cloud security. Using patented technology, Netskope’s cloud-scale security platform provides context-aware governance of all cloud usage in the enterprise in real time, whether accessed from the corporate network, remote, or from a mobile device.

Total Funding: $231.4M in 5 funding rounds (as of Jun 6, 2017)
Valuation: $1.25B, on Jun 6, 2017

Lead Investors: Accel Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Social Capital & ICONIQ Capital


9. RedSeal:

A developer of security risk management (SRM) software and solutions and helps companies eliminate cyber threats. RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform builds an accurate, up-to-date model of an organization’s entire, as-built network to visualize access paths, prioritize what to fix, so you can target existing cybersecurity resources to protect your most valuable assets.

Total Funding: $70.7M in 6 funding rounds (as of Apr 6, 2015)
Valuation: Unknown
Investments: Made over $1B investment to Planet, Colabo, Area 1 Security & Virgil Security to date.

Lead Investors: Venrock & OVP Venture Partners


10. Zscaler:

Zscaler ensures that users worldwide are protected against cyber attacks and data breaches while staying fully compliant with policies. It is used by more than 5,000 leading organizations, including 50 of the Fortune 500.

Total Funding: $148M in 2 funding rounds (Aug 3, 2015)
Valuation: $1B, on Aug 3, 2015

Lead Investors: Lightspeed Venture Partners & TPG Growth


11. ForgeRock:

ForgeRock® is the digital identity management company transforming the way organizations interact securely with customers, employees, devices, and things. Organizations adopt the ForgeRock Identity Platform™ as their digital identity system of record to monetize customer relationships, address stringent regulations for privacy and consent (GDPR, HIPAA, FCC privacy, etc.), and leverage the internet of things.

Total Funding: $140.2M in 4 funding rounds (Sep 5, 2017)
Valuation: $1.10B, on Sep 5, 2017

Lead Investors: Accel Partners, Foundation Capital & Meritech Capital Partners


12. Forescout:

A Computer & Network Security company that is transforming security through visibility. Forescout helps make the invisible visible by providing Global 2000 enterprises and government agencies with agentless visibility and control of traditional and IoT devices the instant they connect to the network.

Total Funding: $125.4M in 9 funding rounds (as of Jan 21, 2016)
IPO Valuation: $800M, on Oct 26, 2017

Lead Investors: Accel Partners, Pitango Venture Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Amadeus Capital Partners, Wellington Management, Founders Circle Capital, BCS Growth Fund


13. SentinelOne:

SentinelOne is a pioneer in delivering autonomous security for the endpoint, datacenter and cloud environments to help organizations secure their assets with speed and simplicity. SentinelOne unifies prevention, detection, response, remediation and forensics in a single platform powered by artificial intelligence.

Total funding: $109.5M in 5 funding rounds (as of Jan 25, 2017)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investors: Redpoint, Tiger Global Management, Third Point Ventures & Granite Hill Capital Partners


14. HyTrust:

HyTrust is a solution provider that automate security controls for software-defined computing, networking and storage workloads to achieve the highest levels of visibility, granular policy control and data protection.

Total Funding: $108.5M in 7 funding rounds (as of Jul 11, 2017)
Valuation: $450M, on Jul 11, 2017
Acquisitions: Acquired DataGravity for $36M on Jul 11, 2017

Lead Investors: Trident Capital, Granite Ventures, Sway Ventures & Advance Venture Partners


15. Shape Security:

Shape Security is the provider of security technology for web and mobile applications. The company develops security software to protect websites and social networking sites from cyber attacks and other advanced threats.

Total Funding: $106M in 4 funding rounds (as of Sep 29, 2016)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investors: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Venrock, Norwest Venture Partners – NVP, Baseline Ventures & TomorrowVentures


16. RiskIQ:

RiskIQ is the provider of website security, mobile application security and anti-malvertising services beyond the firewall. The company’s technology interacts with websites and mobile applications, modeling user behavior to detect anomalies, policy violations and previously undetected threats.

Total Funding: $65.5M in 3 funding rounds (as of Nov 10, 2016)
Valuation: Unknown
Acquisitions: PassiveTotal & Ltd., to date

Lead Investors: Battery Ventures, Summit Partners & Georgian Partners


17. Exabeam:

An advanced security intelligence platform that helps you detect, analyze and respond to modern cyber threats. The company’s user behavior intelligence technology fundamentally changes the way cyberattacks are detected and simplifies security operations by focusing on attacker behavior rather than ever-changing malware and tools, shining a spotlight on suspicious network activity and reducing the noise of false positive security alerts.

Total Funding: $65M in 3 funding rounds (as of Feb 7, 2017)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investors: Lightspeed Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners – NVP, Icon Ventures & Cisco Investments


18. Digital Shadows:

A cybersecurity company that provides insight into an organization’s external digital risks and the threat actors targeting them. Digital Shadows SearchLight™ service combines scalable data analytics with human analysts to monitor for cyber threats, data leakage, and reputation risks.

Total Funding: $48m in 5 funding rounds (as of Sep 20, 2017)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investors: Trinity Ventures, Storm Ventures & Octopus Ventures


19. enSilo:

An Endpoint Security and Malware Protection company that comprehensively secures the endpoint pre- and post-infection. enSilo automates and orchestrates detection, prevention and real-time response against advanced malware and ransomware without burdening cybersecurity staff.

Total Funding: $34M in 4 funding rounds (as of May 1, 2017)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investors: Lightspeed Venture Partners & Rembrandt Venture Partners


20. Demisto:

Demisto Enterprise is a Security Operations Platform that combine security orchestration, incident management and interactive investigation. It’s orchestration engine automates security product tasks and weaves in the human analyst tasks and workflows.

Total Funding: $26M in 2 funding rounds (as of Feb 9, 2017)
Valuation: $133.33M, on Feb 9, 2017

Lead Investor: Accel Partners


21. ZingBox:

ZingBox is a real-time IoT security company that detects and protects the connected equipment. The company provides unparalleled visibility into the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to reveal existing vulnerabilities and hidden threats.

Total Funding: $23.5M in 3 funding rounds (as of Aug 17, 2017)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investors: Dell Technologies Capital & TriVentures


22. SafeBreach:

SafeBreach is a cybersecurity company that has developed a platform that simulates hacker breach methods, running continuous “war games” to identify breach scenarios across network systems.

Total Funding: $19M in 2 funding rounds (as of Jul 26, 2016)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investor: Sequoia Capital


23. Aporeto:

Aporeto is a cloud-native security startup that offers comprehensive security solutions for applications, containers, and microservices. The company strengthens security and simplifies operations for enterprises with cloud-native and legacy applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments by decoupling security from the infrastructure and the network.

Total Funding: $14.5M in 3 funding rounds (as of May 18, 2017)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investors: Norwest Venture Partners – NVP


24. RedLock:

RedLock is a cloud security company that enables effective security governance across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud environments. It’s platform takes a new AI-driven approach that correlates disparate security data sets including network traffic, user activities, risky configurations, and threat intelligence, to provide a unified view of risks across fragmented cloud environments.

Total Funding: $12M in 2 funding rounds (May 9, 2017)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investors: Sierra Ventures, Storm Ventures & Dell Technologies Capital


25. tCell:

tCell is a next-gen web app firewall for the cloud designed to overcome the limitations of traditional Web Application Firewalls. Using advanced Runtime Application Self-Protection functionality, tCell secures web applications in production using server-side instrumentation, browser-side instrumentation, and cloud-based analytics.

Total Funding: $9.4M in 1 funding round (as of Oct 12, 2016)
Valuation: Unknown

Lead Investor: Menlo Ventures


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