30 Super Cool Startups In Germany!

Coolest Startups In Germany That You Should Know!


Germany is one of the most significant nation for startups in Europe. It’s capital Berlin stands right after London, as the 2nd largest startup hub in Europe. The countries Economy is primarily determined by largest corporations along with small & mid-sized businesses. For the past one decade it’s startups in digital sector has been playing a vital role in their economy, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.



Germany has incubated some incredible startups in the digital/technology arena. The country has produced startups in wide range of industries including Fintech, Biotech, Cleantech, AI, Big Data & Software etc.. And some of their startups are playing a leading role in the world stage.


Here Are The 30 Best Startups In Germany That You Should Know About:


1. Auto1:

Total Funding: $1.1B in 7 funding rounds (as of Jan 15, 2018)
Lead Investors: SoftBank, DST Global, Piton Capital, Princeville Global
Valuation: $2.98B, on Jan 15, 2018

Acquisitions: Unknown
A technology platform that connects the buyers and sellers of used cars. Auto1 sources or buys used cars from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealerships, and its own business units to sell them into its global dealership network.


2. Delivery Hero:

Total Funding: $2.6B in 15 funding rounds (as of Sep 28, 2017)
Lead Investors: Insight Venture Partners, Point Nine Capital, Rocket Internet, Naspers, Kite Ventures, Phenomen Ventures & Luxor Capital Group
Valuation at IPO: €4.5B, on Jun 30, 2017

Acquisitions & Investments: Delivery Hero has acquired Yemeksepeti, e-Food, Talabat, Pedidosya, Yogiyo, foodora, foodpanda and Lieferheld & 6 other companies & made investments to 8 companies
Delivery Hero is a network of online food ordering sites with over 100 restaurant partners worldwide. The company operates in Germany, UK, Austria, South Korea, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Australia, Switzerland, China, India, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Panama and Puerto Rico. They went public on Jun 30, 2017.


3. Zalando:

Total Funding: $582M in 8 funding rounds (as of Nov 11, 2013)
Lead Investors: HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, DST Global, Kinnevik AB, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, TH Lee Putnam Ventures & Anders Holch Povlsen
Valuation at IPO:€5.3B, on Oct 1, 2014

Acquisitions & Investments: Zalando has acquired KICKZ AG, Tradebyte Software GmbH, AMAZE, Metrigo & nugg.ad GmbH to date. Made investments to 7 early stage startups.
A fashion and technology company, currently transforming into a multi-service platform. Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform- offering a broad assortment of fashion for men, women and children. They carry over 1.500 brands and over 150.000 product choices for over 17 million customers in 15 countries.


4. Kreditech:

Total Funding: $497.3M in 13 funding rounds (as of May 10, 2017)
Lead Investors: Global Founders Capital, Blumberg Capital, International Finance Corporation & Rakuten etc.
Valuation: Approximately $750M, on May 10, 2017

Acquisition: Acquired Kontomierz on Jan 14, 2015.
An online lender that offers loans to individuals based on their creditworthiness which is analyzed using their online data instead of using traditional credit rating information. Kreditech uses this technology to provide banking products (installment loans, microloans, credit cards, electronic wallets) to customers in emerging markets.


5. Lilium:

Total Funding: $101.4M in 2 funding rounds (as of Sep 5, 2017)
Lead Investors: Tencent Holdings & Atomico
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisitions: Unknown
Lilium Aviation is a European Space Agency supported company that develops an electric vertical take-off and landing jet. The company aims at liberating towns and cities from today’s congestion and pollution, with people able to come and go freely, vastly expanding the radius of their everyday lives.


6. HelloFresh:

Total Funding: $364.5M in 7 funding rounds (as of Dec 20, 2016)
Lead Investors: Baillie Gifford, Rocket Internet, Insight Venture Partners, Phenomen Ventures & Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures
Valuation at IPO: €1.7B, on Nov 2, 2017

Acquisitions: Unknown

HelloFresh, a Rocket Internet company is a food subscription company that sends pre-portioned ingredients to users’ doorstep each week. It enables anyone to cook quick and healthy meals designed by nutritionists and chefs.


7. ResearchGate:

Total Funding: $87.6M in 4 funding rounds (as of Feb 28, 2017)
Lead Investors: Benchmark, Tenaya Capital, Bill Gates
Valuation: $838M, Feb, 2017

Acquisition: Unknown

ResearchGate is a social networking site for scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators. The company’s mission is to connect the world of science and make research open to all.


8. Thermondo:

Total Funding: $78.4M in 7 funding rounds ( as of Nov 8, 2017)
Lead Investors: Vorwerk Ventures
Valuation: Unknown

An integrated energy company offering state-of-the-art energy efficiency services. Thermondo is Germany’s first online-driven heating installer, with which an innovative heating planner can create independent and free heating offers from leading manufacturers, including service and assembly, in real-time.


9. Blue Yonder:

Total Funding: $75M in 1 funding round
Lead Investors: Warburg Pincus

Blue Yonder is the leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Applications for retail that enables retailers to take a transformative approach to their core processes, automating complex decisions that deliver higher profits and customer value using artificial intelligence (AI).


10. Smava:

Total Funding: Around $135M in 5 funding rounds (as of Jan 9, 2018)
Lead Investors: Earlybird Venture Capital, Runa Capital, Vitruvian Partners & Phenomen Ventures
Valuation: $300M (Jan 9, 2018)

A provider of an online peer-to-peer lending marketplace. Smava offers an online comparison site for personal loans where participant receives loan online and investors provide funds to borrowers and lend money.


11. BioNTech:

Total Funding: $270M in 1 funding rounds (as of Jan 4, 2018)
Lead Investors: Redmile Group
Valuation: Approximately $1B, on Jan 4, 2018

BioNTech AG is Europe’s largest privately held biopharmaceutical company pioneering the development of individualized therapies for cancer and other diseases. The Company combines all building blocks of individualized immunotherapy under one roof – from diagnostics and drug development to manufacturing.


12. Adjust:

Total Funding: $28.9M in 4 funding rounds ( as of Oct 21, 2015)
Lead Investors: Target Partners, Highland Europe & Active Venture Partners
Valuation: Unknown

Adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps, providing the highest quality analytics and attribution solutions for companies worldwide. With adjust’s open source SDK, app developers can track and analyze user acquisition, feature releases, user lifetime cohorts and more. adjust provides streamlined reporting for understandable, actionable and comparable metrics.


13. Spotcap:

Total Funding: $112.9M in 6 funding rounds (as of Oct 9, 2017)
Lead Investors: Access Industries, Finstar Financial Group & Heartland Bank
Valuation: Unknown

Spotcap is provider of an online credit platform. The company offers an online platform to provide loans for small and medium enterprises to companies in Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and Australia and is supported by Rocket Internet.



Total Funding: $18.6M in 2 funding rounds (as of Jul 17, 2017)
Lead Investors: DAH Beteiligungs GmbH
Valuation: Unknown

LEVERTON develops and applies disruptive deep learning technologies to extract, structure and manage data from corporate documents. The company’s platform empowers corporations and investors to be more efficient and effective with their data & document management. It facilitates quick and data-driven decision-making by creating actionable, valuable insights out of unstructured data.


15. Relayr:

Total Funding: $59.8M in 8 funding rounds (as of Dec 20, 2017)
Lead Investors: Munich Re / HSB Ventures & Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Valuation: Approximately $92m-$138m (Nov 2016)

Acquisitions: acquired Neokami Inc. & Proximetry, to date

relayr is a rapidly-growing IoT company providing enterprise middleware and IoT solutions for the digital transformation of industries. As a thought leader in enterprise IoT, relayr enables interoperability through industrial-grade platforms.


16. Ada Health:

Total Funding: $66.6M in 2 funding rounds (as of Oct 31, 2017)
Lead Investors: Access Industries
Valuation: Approx. $313.33M , on Oct 31, 2017

Acquisitions: Unknown

An innovative health technology company that believes everyone in the world should have access to quality, personalized health information and care. Ada Health is breaking new ground across medical reasoning and artificial intelligence. Developed by a team of doctors, scientists and engineers.


17. GoEuro:

Total Funding: $146M in 6 funding rounds (as of Oct 3, 2016)
Lead Investors: New Enterprise Associates, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Goldman Sachs, Battery Ventures, Hasso Plattner Ventures & Silver Lake Kraftwerk
Valuation: $1B+, on Oct 3, 2016

Acquisitions: Unknown

A travel metasearch engine which allows users to compare the price and journey time of air, rail and bus travel options in a single search. GoEuro is designed to suggest nearby airports and train routes to connect up where they would like to go and also estimating the entire length of travel time.


18. solarisBank:

Total Funding: $47.7M in 2 funding rounds
Lead Investors: Arvato Financial Solutions
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisitions: None

A banking platform with a full banking license, allowing companies to offer their own financial products. solarisBank partners can access the solarisBank modules in the field of e-money, instant credit and digital banking as well as services from third-party providers integrated on the platform via API.


19. SoundCloud:

Total Funding: $467.8M in 9 funding rounds (as of Aug 11, 2017)
Lead Investors: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures, IVP (Institutional Venture Partners), Temasek Holdings & 5 others
Valuation: $150M, on Aug 11, 2017

Acquisition: Acquired Instinctiv on May 2012.

An online audio distribution platform that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds. SoundCloud can be accessed anywhere using the official iPhone and Android apps, as well as hundreds of creation and sharing apps built on the SoundCloud platform.


20. Lesara:

Total funding: $68.7M in 2 funding rounds (as of Sep 13, 2017)
Lead Investors: Northzone, Mangrove Capital Partners & Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisition: None

Lesara is a mobile-first, vertically integrated fast fashion retailer selling in 24 markets. The company boasts an international team who make it their mission to provide our customers with a wide range of quality fashion and lifestyle products at the best possible price.


21. Clue:

Funding: $30.3M in 8 funding rounds (as of Nov 30, 2016)
Lead Investors: NGP Capital & Mosaic Ventures
Valuation: $133.33M, on Nov 30, 2016

Acquisition: None

Clue is a developer of a mobile application for tracking female health. The company enables women users to track their monthly cycle by entering data on various segments. The company uses science and data to provide actionable personal insights into female health. Its mission is to empower people to be in charge of their lives while moving science and health research forward.


22. Celonis:

Total Funding: $27.5M in 1 funding round
Lead Investors: 83North & Accel Partners
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisition: None

Celonis is a leading global supplier of enterprise-ready process mining. With unique Celonis Process Mining technology, the company offers a versatile, innovative, industry-independent analytics solution for optimizing IT-driven processes in large enterprises. Celonis enables its customer to run transparently.


23. Volocopter:

Total Funding: $39M in 3 funding rounds ( as of Nov 6, 2017)
Lead Investors: btov Partners, Intel, Daimler
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisition: None

The Volocopter is the world’s first purely electric flying multicopter, which is able to transport people. It flies eco-friendly, emission-free, quiet and safe. As autonomous version, the Volocopter is the answer to the tough mobility challenges our megacities are facing today, and it makes the dream of flying come true for all of us.


24. GetYourGuide:

Total Funding: $170.5M in 6 funding rounds (as of Nov 2, 2017)
Lead Investors: Battery Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Spark Capital, KKR & Co. (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.), Highland Europe, PROfounders Capital & Kees Koolen
Valuation: Approx. As of Nov 2, 2017

Acquisitions: Gidsy & iGottaGuide

GetYourGuide is a booking platform for tours and activities, offering a variety of travel experiences through their global supplier network. It collects and categorizes all the world’s things to do so people research less and do more. Its global network of activity suppliers upload products, receive, and manage their bookings and payments through a simple, centralized system.


25. Clark Germany:

Total Funding: 16.4M in 2 funding rounds (as of Aug 2, 2016)
Lead Investors: Target Global
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisition: None

An insurance platform providing transparent, cheap and comprehensive insurance cover. By combining technology and insurance expertise, Clark offers users simple, fair and customer-centric insurance advice.


26. N26:

Total Funding: $52.8M in 4 funding rounds (as of Jun 21, 2016)
Lead Investors: Earlybird Venture Capital, Horizons Ventures & Valar Ventures
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisition: None

A Berlin-based fintech company that enables its customers to manage their bank accounts through their smartphones. N26 has redesigned banking for the smartphone, making it simple, fast and contemporary. Opening a new bank account takes only eight minutes and can be done directly from your smartphone.


27. Raisin:

Total Funding: $71.4M in 4 funding rounds (as of Dec 20, 2017)
Lead Investors: PayPal, Thrive Capital & Index Ventures
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisition: Acquired PBF Solutions on Sep 20, 2017

Raisin is an online marketplace for savings products across Europe. It is the leading pan-European online marketplace for savings products. It gives customers the possibility to open deposits at attractive interest rates across Europe free of charge.


28. Contentful:

Total Funding: $44.8M in 4 funding rounds (as of Dec 4, 2017)
Lead Investors: General Catalyst & Benchmark
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisition: None

An essential content management infrastructure for projects of any size, with its flexible APIs and global CDN. Contentful provides the essential content infrastructure for your projects, making content accessible via APIs and editable in a CMS-like web app.


29. savedroid:

Total Funding: $3.2M in 4 funding rounds (as of Jan 16, 2018)
Lead Investors: Unknown
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisition: None

savedroid is the first AI saving & spending algorithm in Europe conveniently optimizing users’ lifestyle. Their free mobile app enables users to save up for their wishes without even thinking about saving. They create significant economic value for mass market users through automated savings AND situational relevant spend optimization.


30. OrderBird:

Total Funding: $37.1M in 4 funding rounds (as of May 11, 2016)
Lead Investors: Concardis & ALSTIN
Valuation: Unknown

Acquisition: Acquired pepperbill GmbH on Jun 2, 2015

OrderBird is a provider of Point of Sale (POS) systems for the catering industry. The company’s platform enables users to do mobile ordering, real-time data analysis, cashless payment acceptance and accounting ready reporting.


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