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InvoiceBazaar meaning “market of invoices” is an attempt to bridge the supplier-buyer relationship, by digitizing the transactions which are done manually in the real world. This digitization helps in providing finance to a supplier by actually taking buyer-risk.

InvoiceBazaar has built a platform for Buyers to list invoices that are payable, which enables Suppliers to get visibility on their approved invoices as well as early payment options.


InvoiceBazaar was founded in Jan 2016 by Anand Nagaraj and is based in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


InvoiceBazaar has raised a total amount of $6.1M in 5 funding rounds as of Oct 25, 2017 when the company received their latest Venture funding of $5M from Advance Global Capital.


Employee: Anand Nagaraj Title: Co-founder & CEO
Email address: anand.nagaraj@invoicebazaar.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anand-nagaraj-bb30503/