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Frogtek LLC offers software solutions for small shopkeepers and stores in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain. The company offers Tiendatek, a point-of-sale software application that allows micro-retailers to record various store expenses and revenues directly on a mobile phone or tablet; and Tiendatek Data, a marketing analytics tool.

Its software application runs on Android smartphones or tablets that have touch screens and synchronize wirelessly with its Web servers.


The company is based in Ciudad, Durango, Mexico & founded by David Del Ser, Mark Pedersen in 2008.


Employee: Montse Mora Title: CEO
Email address: montse.mora@frogtek.org
LinkedIn: https://mx.linkedin.com/pub/montse-mora/44/957/9b6
Employee: Guillermo Caudevilla Laliena Title: Chief Technology Officer
Email address: guillermo.caudevilla@frogtek.org
LinkedIn: https://es.linkedin.com/pub/guillermo-caudevilla-laliena/1/a62/107