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DFLabs is an ISO9001 certified company specializing in Cyber Security. The Company provides Advanced Breach Management and Response technology for SOC and CSIRT through its collaborative IncMan NG platform and Data Security professional services through a team of internationally-recognized specialists.

The company was Founded by Dario Forte in Oct 1, 2004 and is based in Milano, Lombardia, Italy. DfLabs has received numerous industry recognition including a top 25 ranking (#19) in Cybersecurity Ventures’ listing of the World’s 500 Hottest Cybersecurity Companies.

DfLabs in the News:

DFLabs Launches Partner Program for Cyber Security Channel

DFLabs Unveils Machine Learning Powered First Responder Automation for Security Operations
DFLabs Launches the First Security Automation and Orchestration Platform based Upon Supervised Active Intelligence™

Employee: Dario Forte Title: CEO
Email address: dario.forte@dflabs.com
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darioforte/
Employee: Oliver Rochford Title: Vice President of Product Marketing
Email address: oliver.rochford@dflabs.com
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliver-rochford-9791582/